Vivint Executives Take to Best Buy Stores

Vivint Executives Take to Best Buy Stores

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Vivint Smart Home executives always try to lead from the front, and they proved their commitment to this hands-on leadership style by spending a weekend working in the new Vivint kiosks inside Best Buy stores. Their goal? To connect with the growing Vivint community and to make sure our customers were being heard.

Nate Randle, Chief Marketing Officer for Vivint Smart Home, found his time on the sales floor valuable for understanding more about our customers. Talking about the experience, he said, “There is no better place to learn about our customers than in a retail store environment. We are able to meet them face-to-face and hear from them how we can best provide an incredible smart home experience.”

Other Vivint executives traveled around the country to meet with customers in Best Buy stores located in California, New Jersey, Texas and several other locations nationwide.

Vivint is continually striving to connect with customers in order to provide the best products and services possible. Do you have a story about Vivint you’d like to share? Email to share your Vivint story!