Don’t open your door to a cold home after the holidays

Web app on desktop computer

If you’re traveling for the holidays, you know how important it is to “vacation-ize” your home before you leave—things like making sure the stove is off, the back door is locked, the windows are closed, and the thermostat is turned … …read more

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Don’t leave your holiday guests out in the cold

Frump door with smart lock

‘Tis the season for holiday guests, and all the wonderful chaos that comes with them. If you have a Vivint Smart Home, however, you can reduce some of this chaos by giving your guests unique 4-digit entry PINs into your … …read more

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Automate your Christmas tree lights


There are many ways to make the holiday season magical for yourself and your little ones. One of the biggest is the annual decorating of the Christmas tree. Whether its designer or homemade, hanging ornaments and stringing lights brings the spirit of the … …read more

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10 steps to prep your holiday guests


The holidays are upon us, and as a seasoned smart home user, you know all the tricks of using your smart home system. You’ve already automated your holiday lights, your thermostat switched to your heating preferences without you even thinking … …read more

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Scout Elf 2.0


Vivint Smart Home is kicking off the holidays with the 12 Days for a Smarter Holiday Season blog series. This is the first post in the series so stayed tuned for more to come! One of our kids’ favorite holiday traditions is … …read more

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Why did we create the Vivint Ping Camera?

Landon Langford, Mike Child

The Vivint Ping Camera product managers Landon Langford (left) and Mike Child (right) took a moment from their busy schedules to answer some popular questions about how the Ping came to be and what inspired this bit of smart home technology. From kids … …read more

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