vivint saves the day


Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Unfortunately, we have learned that other companies are impersonating … …read more

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how to adjust your glass break detector


How sensitive is your glass break detector? By default, your detector is set to be a two-stage sensor, which means it takes a thud sound followed by a crash sound to trigger an alarm. To add an extra layer of … …read more


senior citizen’s day


At Vivint, finding creative solutions that increase the safety and security of senior citizens is a priority. And we’re finding that creating technology that is both easy to understand and easy to use, we’re able to help many senior citizens … …read more

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System features – key fob


When we first got our vivint home automation system, I was worried about triggering false alarms. It turns out the key fob is a useful product feature that reduces the chance of any false alarms. It’s great for busy, on-the-go … …read more

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vivint live 101


Let’s face it: if you’re ever in a real live emergency, you don’t have time to dig your phone out of your purse, track down Vivint’s phone number, and call us for help. That’s why we have Vivint Live to … …read more


The gift of a garden


The Boys & Girls Club of Odessa is dedicated to helping young people become caring and productive citizens—a mission Vivint also believes in and is excited to be a part of. In early June, Vivint volunteers in the Midland and … …read more

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