Vivint volunteers emerge as leaders in Alberta community


Vivint employees pride themselves on being good salesmen, but more importantly, good citizens. At Vivint, we are passionate about making a positive difference in our communities – wherever we are. In Lethbridge, Alberta, 40 Vivint volunteers recently volunteered at the … …read more

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“Money well spent.” – PC Magazine

Solar Lifestyle Orange County April 8 2014 (Weston Colton, Vivint)

Trusted product review publication PC Magazine recently awarded Vivint a coveted “Excellent” rating for its Vivint Sky smart home system. Contributing Editor John Delaney gave glowing reviews, praising the alarm response times, responsive touch screen, remote control abilities and cloud storage capacity. He gushed … …read more

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a fence for Justin


Through the Vivint Gives Back Foundation, our employees have been able to find meaningful ways to give back in their communities. Since 2014, we have focused many of our charitable efforts on helping children with intellectual disabilities. In fact, in … …read more

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over 100 vivint volunteers help at special olympics


who says hard work can’t be fun? in fact, for special olympic athletes, vivint volunteers wanted to make sure their hard work was rewarded with as much fun as possible. over 100 vivint employees volunteered at the event held on … …read more

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helping children with autism learn life skills


it is often said that it takes a village to raise a child and, here at vivint, we are proud to be a part of that village. through the charity arm of our company, the gives back foundation, we are … …read more

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vivint internet is here!


we are proud to announce vivint internet, a pioneering broadband service that offers residential customers high-speed internet access through the air. the service is a fast and affordable alternative to the high-speed services offered by competing internet service providers. vivint … …read more

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