Panel updates


Here at Vivint, we’re always trying to improve our customer experience. And part of taking care of customers like you is making sure you have the most up-to-date technology. You already have a Vivint system customized to your home, but … …read more

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Vivint helps customers, Ivan & Cynthia, go green


Long time Vivint customers, Ivan and Cynthia, are leading the way in green living. Their three-unit home is one of the greenest homes in Boston. Built on the foundation of four principles, smart design, sustainable site, water efficiency and energy … …read more

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System Features – Electronic Door Locks


Have you ever forgotten to lock your door? While it can be easy mistake, leaving doors unlocked can have detrimental consequences. Until recently, I had no idea that a simple technology could eliminate the risk of leaving our door unlocked. … …read more

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Helping the humane society


Vivint employees and their families care about giving back not just to people in need. We also care about man’s best friend. The families of Vivint sales representatives in Pensacola, Florida, recently volunteered at the Pensacola Humane Society to give … …read more

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Optimizing your electronic door lock


At Vivint, we are all for making your system your own. Your home is as unique as you are, and your Vivint system should reflect that. You shouldn’t have to leave the default settings on any of your devices, but … …read more

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Hope for the best, plan for the worst


When you think of being prepared, I’m willing to bet thoughts of 72-hour kits, generators, and storm cellars come to mind. While it’s true those and many more emergency preparedness tactics should be at the top of your list, here … …read more

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