remote access bootcamp

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Accessing your home from anywhere is simple! Whether you need to check in on the kids with your smart phone from work, or you need to adjust the thermostat settings while on vacation, your home is always at your finger … …read more


alerts on your panel: what they are and how to clear them


If your panel is beeping and a yellow hazard icon has appeared on your screen, this means your panel is alerting you of something with your system that needs to be fixed at your earliest convenience. The three types of … …read more


A day with Vivint


We are so happy we chose Vivint and we could not imagine life without our home automation system. To explain just how much Vivint improves our daily lives, I thought I’d chronicle a typical weekday to share just how often we use our system … …read more

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What to expect in an alarm situation


There are 5 categories of alarm events that your Vivint system will protect you against: Fire, Medical, Duress, Panic and Burglary. This article will teach how and when to activate each alarm type, and what Vivint will do in each … …read more

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There IS a smarter way

Solar Lifestyle Orange County April 8 2014 (Weston Colton, Vivint)

It’s been said that it’s the simple things that matter most, and we couldn’t agree more. Yes, we are pleased to provide you with world-class home automation and home security solutions, but we find just as much pleasure in making … …read more


Finding those in need in St. Louis


At Vivint we have a commitment, as individual employees and as a company, to give back in our communities. This commitment is not only an important part of who we are as a company, but has also spread to our … …read more

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