What does the Vivint sign mean in your neighborhood?


We installed our vivint home automation system shortly after moving into our first home and I noticed just how many of my neighbors had vivint signs in front of other homes as well.  In a weird way, it’s like we’re … …read more

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Why We Wanted a Home Automation System


I have been salivating over the concept of home automation since I first saw it in speculative children’s book in the 80’s. In the book, there was a big control panel next to the bed that controlled all the lights … …read more

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Hear from our employees


Customers are our priority here at Vivint. In fact, customer obsession is one of our company values second only to serving with honesty and integrity. Every role at Vivint has an important impact on the customer and we believe that … …read more

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775 Vivint volunteers pack meals for malnourished children


For over four years, Vivint has partnered with the non-profit organization Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) to provide meals to children in need all over the world.  FMSC specializes in meals that contain essential nutrients that can also be packed … …read more

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This wasn’t a fire drill


“My wife and I travel a lot, and it’s good to know that our home is safe even when we are away. Thanks to our Vivint smoke alarm, we recently avoided a situation that could have been tragic for our … …read more

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what to expect during your service appointment


We want you to get the most out of your Vivint service. Our Customer Care team can help you resolve most service related issues over the phone. If you need on-site assistance, a Customer Care representative can help you set … …read more

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