Safe places to put your motion detectors


Motion detectors are an integral part of our Vivint home automation system. Together with door and window sensors, our touchscreen panel, video camera and more, my mind is at ease and our home feels safe and secure. Vivint motion detectors … …read more

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Protecting You

Beverly Hills California, April 18, 2014  (Jac Scott)

We care about keeping our customers safe, both physically and technologically. That’s why Vivint offers a number of solutions to keep your home and your family safe, whether it’s security systems with 24x7x365 monitoring or identity theft protection. In our … …read more

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It’s sandwich generation month!


And no, this month is not in honor of people who enjoy eating sandwiches. This month is about recognizing all the people out there who still have kids living at home and are simultaneously taking care of elderly parents who … …read more

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Helping out after school

Sunset View 2[5]

At Vivint, we believe in giving back not only through our finances and resources, but also through our time and talents—especially when children are involved. Kids everywhere can benefit from the time and mentoring of adults in their community, which … …read more

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Access to a chat representative


Sometimes you need help and you need it quickly–you might not have time to call in and risk getting put on hold. Or maybe you just don’t want to call in. Either way, there’s a solution for you on our … …read more

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A panel that’s looking out for you


Vivint’s SkyControl panel is the next step of home automation, and it also happens to be the center of every Vivint system. No matter what package you have, you get all the benefits of our panel: a full color LCD … …read more

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