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She’s smartphone savvy and loves to FaceTime with the grandkids. He prefers the feel of a landline handset and face-to-face contact with family and friends. Cat memes make her “lol.” He chuckles when their dog chases the neighbor’s cat. She … …read more

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You don’t need more than one


Summer season has arrived, and so have contract scams. Some companies will knock on your door and use deceptive sales practices to add new customers. Because we care about you, we want to keep you aware and vigilant of risks. … …read more

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A Vivint Smart Home Riddle

Luxury house with beautiful landscaping on a sunny day. Home exterior.

What is? Smaller than a finger, yet protects like a giant. Has no voice, but sings when anyone enters or leaves. Like a ninja, always watching, but rarely seen. Vivint Smart Home’s recessed door sensor! Vivint works hard to make … …read more

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You have a Smart Home Pro in your area!

Photo_SmartHomePros_LagunaNiguel_1574-2[1] copy

We’re making smart home simple. At Vivint Smart Home, we believe in constantly innovating so our customers can have the best smart home experience. That’s why we’re excited to announce Smart Home Pros as an authorized dealer and service provider … …read more

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A smart home for my smart pet

Solar Lifestyle Orange County April 8 2014 (Weston Colton, Vivint)

This is my puppy Sterling and it’s impossible not to love his sweet personality, even for my husband, who is allergic to dogs. So it was a no-brainer that when we got married a few months ago, he came as … …read more

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Marrying into my Vivint Smart Home

Symbol of the house with silver key on vintage wooden background

After my wedding just a few months ago, I moved into my husband’s home that is secured by a Vivint Smart Home system. He taught me how to use the system, and I have loved how simple it is to … …read more

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