Tips for living with your Vivint Smart Home

Tips for living with your Vivint Smart Home

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

False alarms can be surprising and will keep you on your toes. Arming your system keeps your home and family safe, but it can take a little bit to learn new habits and sync up your routine with your system.

Here are some tips to preventing false alarms:

Get to know your system: familiarity with the system and how it works helps increase awareness of our habits and become accustomed to new habits more quickly

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Practice arming and disarming your system 

Ensure everyone in your home, including roommates, guests, new users, kids, etc., understand how the system works.

Familiarize yourself with potential points of false alarms

Make other users in the home aware as well of common doors and windows used regularly that will set off an alarm.

Know how much time you have

You have 30 seconds to disarm your system once you enter your home.

Custom actions to arm and disarm home

Using your mobile app, you can set custom actions to disarm your home via:

  • Scheduled times
  • Keypads/locks

Review the different ways to disarm the system with other users in your home.

Arming Stay and Arming Away

You will want to arm ‘Stay’ if you, pets, kids, or anything that will set off motion is in the home. Arm ‘Away’ if everyone (and pets) will be away from your home.

Know what to do in the case of a false alarm

Click here to watch a video about what to do in case of an alarm.