A customized smart home in the palm of your hand!

A customized smart home in the palm of your hand!

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

The Vivint Smart Home app provides easy set up of customized smart home rules and notifications designed just for you and your needs!

Gone are the days of getting after your kids for leaving the lights on. No more worries that your guests left the door unlocked—you now know that your home is as secure as your friendship with just a tap of the screen. Avoid the daily management of energy usage by setting your preferred temperature for when you’re at home, away, sleeping, or on vacation, and start saving.

Know when people are entering or exiting your home, or kids are sneaking out the windows, with custom app notifications. Keep forgetting to disarm the system before you leave for work? Set your home to disarm at the same time each morning before you have to leave via your Vivint Smart Home app—you’ll never worry about setting off the alarm again!

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