Get more from your system – connect your panel to Wi-Fi

Get more from your system – connect your panel to Wi-Fi

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Is your Vivint system being used to its full capacity?

If you haven’t yet connected your panel to a Wi-Fi network, there is some untapped system potential you’re missing out on! By connecting your panel to Wi-Fi, you’ll unlock smart home benefits already included with your current service—from faster system response and control via your mobile device to mobile Vivint cameras access, as well as access to the latest software updates on your panel. Software updates mean you get access to new features not previously available on older software versions.

Connecting your panel to Wi-Fi is easy, simply follow the step-by-step Wi-Fi process for SkyControl 3.0 here, or here if you have SkyControl 2.0. You can usually add the network in just a few minutes from your panel by following a few easy steps. If you’re not sure which panel version you currently have, see the images below to identify the one that looks like your panel’s home screen color.

SkyControl 3.0

SkyControl 2.0

Maximize your smart home’s possibilities by connecting to Wi-Fi today!