Protecting the families that protect us

Protecting the families that protect us

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

“For the first time in 8 years of military service, my wife actually sleeps while I’m away.”—Mike

At Vivint Smart Home, we proudly protect those who protect us—overseas and at home. We appreciate the countless military families who serve and the sacrifices they make, which is why we have created technology dedicated to helping them stay safe and connected to the ones they love.

While being a soldier comes with many challenges, one of the biggest trials is knowing that they are missing precious moments with loved ones at home. Vivint helps soldiers stay connected to those moments through their cameras and mobile app. While deployed to Afghanistan with the Air Force, Brandon wrote: “Although this deployment is tough, especially during the holidays, I still get to enjoy small victories while away. I remember the first time I caught my daughter jumping on the couch and then texting my wife to tell her. It was absolutely hilarious! I will never forget that moment thanks to Vivint.”

Another challenge is the need for military personnel to know that their families and homes are safe and secure. Vivint is constantly innovating to ensure that we provide the best technology, including sensors, cameras, detectors, and award-winning 24×7 monitoring, giving military families peace of mind that their loved ones and home are fully-protected.

“I am gone a lot being military, so knowing my family would be safe while I was gone was a huge bonus. I can watch live video feed, lock and unlock my doors, set and monitor the alarm status all from my phone or laptop. It has given me a peace of mind I didn’t have before.”—Tyson

This sense of security and control is vital to the whole family—especially for the loved ones left home alone. Elizabeth wrote of her first night with the Vivint system: “My husband is currently deployed, and I have really bad anxiety when I am by myself, so I would have trouble falling and staying asleep. The first night that Vivint was installed in our home was the first night that I slept through the night, and I have continued to have a complete full night of sleep since. Thank you Vivint for giving the night back to my sleep.”

We’re grateful for the amazing opportunity to impact the lives of those who serve in the U.S. armed forces. It’s an honor to protect your home and family while you protect our country.