Stay Connected with Vivint Sky

Stay Connected with Vivint Sky

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

In a world where your life is being pulled in five million directions, the Vivint Sky app keeps you connected to what really matters. No matter where you are–work, school, shopping, or the gym, you can trust that your home is safe and secure with the Vivint Sky app. Halfway down the cereal aisle, your Sky app buzzes that you left the front door unlocked. No worries, with a simple swipe of the finger, you’ve locked your door. Controlling your home is quicker and easier than choosing between the fiber cereal your doctor recommends and the chocolate-y puffs you love.

Remotely controlling your home begins with a simple download from your phone’s app store. Once the Vivint Sky app is downloaded, log in with the same Vivint email and password credentials you use to access your online account. (If you have not yet set up your online account and mobile access to your system, please follow the instructions here.)

Like your new Vivint SkyControl panel at home, the Vivint Sky app allows you to set up custom rules and notifications that work best for you and your life, making it simple and easy to feel secure and in control wherever you are. Additional features include:

  • Arm and disarm system
  • Lock/Unlock doors
  • Access system history
  • Add/Remove users
  • View and manage live and recorded video
  • Manage thermostat and connected lights

So the next time you’re out on a date and leave your oldest “in-charge,” you can give your date your full attention after just a quick peek through the camera feed tells you that the kids are still alive and well. Peace of mind is just a few swipes away with Vivint Sky.

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