Tech for every lifestyle

Tech for every lifestyle

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

She’s smartphone savvy and loves to FaceTime with the grandkids. He prefers the feel of a landline handset and face-to-face contact with family and friends. Cat memes make her “lol.” He chuckles when their dog chases the neighbor’s cat. She wishes she could just tell the doors to lock themselves, and he wants to feel that door key in his hand. No worries, Vivint Smart Home provides home automation products that suit every preference!

While the Vivint Sky app makes it simple for this tech-savvy grandma to control her home with just the touch of a finger, the Vivint Key Fob gives grandpa that in-hand control he wants. It fits easily on the chain with his other keys, yet in the time it takes for her to find her phone in her purse, he’s disarmed the alarm, unlocked the door, and is sitting on the couch, taking a load off.

They are both the masters of their Vivint Smart castle.

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