8th Annual Sub for Santa provides gifts for over 2,500 children

8th Annual Sub for Santa provides gifts for over 2,500 children

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

The 2015 holiday season found Vivint Smart Home employees once again opening their hearts and their wallets to provide Christmas gifts for children in need through Vivint’s 8th annual Sub for Santa project.

Donations of personal money and time went to purchasing, wrapping, and delivering the presents. Vivint volunteers shopped for individual children purchasing items from the children’s wish lists as well as other necessities such as socks, coats, and hats.

In Utah, gifts were purchased and given to 1,300 children from local low-income schools and a women’s shelter. Through the volunteer efforts of Smart Home Pros, Christmas presents were also provided for an additional 1,300 children across the United States in various communities where Vivint technicians work.

“Through helping with the Sub for Santa event, I was able to really gain an appreciation for the magnitude of what we were doing for these kids and their families,” Vivint volunteer Jaci Barney said. “We shopped for a boy who wanted nothing but a pair of hiking boots for Christmas. We were able to provide this boy with not only boots, but also a backpack and a slew of hiking and outdoor items. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had through Sub for Santa to serve and give back to our community.”

The smiles on the faces of the receiving children were once again the highlight of the successful annual project and Vivint volunteers look forward to continuing this charitable holiday tradition.