Protect Yourself from Porch Piracy

Protect Yourself from Porch Piracy

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

You did it! You survived another holiday season. You deserve to treat yourself by doing a little online shopping—for yourself this time. Maybe you can get something you wanted or use up all the gift cards you received by taking advantage of the post-holiday deals online. But before you go on an online shopping frenzy, make sure your packages are safe from porch pirates who might steal your unattended packages!

The Vivint Doorbell Camera is your best defense against porch piracy. Equipped with a 180º lens, you can see your entire porch, day or night, from your mobile device or SkyControl panel. As soon as the doorbell camera detects motion, you are instantly notified and can view a live video feed from your smartphone. Plus, capture any activity on your doorstep with video and audio recordings that can be viewed anytime from anywhere.

“I have a lot of package deliveries. I probably have a delivery at least once a day. I feel like the doorbell camera has been super helpful with that. I have it set so that it alerts me when there’s motion. I usually know when a package is dropped off, so I’m able to get it quickly without having it sit outside for a while.

If I’m not at home when there is a delivery and I get notified on my phone, I’ll call one of my neighbors and have them come over and take it inside, so I can avoid it being out in the open and sitting there for a long time—just to decrease the chance of it getting stolen.

The doorbell camera is probably one of my most favorite things. I like to know when people are coming and going. I also like to see when people stop by and I’m not home.”

– Vivint Smart Home customer Megan J., Salt Lake City, UT.

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