another great way to protect your home

another great way to protect your home

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

we recently moved to a new home and decided to have a vivint system installed. i was a little bit worried about how it would look, but decided that the sense of security it would provide was worth it.

when our field service professional finished installing everything, he walked us through the system, showing us where he had put everything. imagine my surprise when i found a panel and thermostat that looked completely integrated with the rest of my furniture and décor.

i was still worried about how the sensors and detectors would look (since a lot of them i’ve seen look like playskool toys), but again, decided that being safe was more important. while my husband and service professional were talking about a few things, i wandered downstairs to the door that separated the garage from the rest of the house. i was specifically worried about that door, especially since my new neighbors had already told me that their garages had recently been broken into.

i went to see if our professional had installed a sensor there—wanting the extra layer of security—but couldn’t find one. when the boys came downstairs, i asked. it was only after the professional pointed to a small device that i realized he had installed a recessed door sensor. it was so well installed and was so unobtrusive that i hadn’t even noticed it.

this isn’t really an exciting story, but as someone who cares about her house looking nice, it was an important one. not only did i get the safety features that were so critical, but my house still looked great.