vivint helps customers, ivan & cynthia, go green

vivint helps customers, ivan & cynthia, go green

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

long time vivint customers, ivan and cynthia, are leading the way in green living. their three-unit home is one of the greenest homes in boston. built on the foundation of four principles, smart design, sustainable site, water efficiency and energy efficiency, the home has achieved a leed platinum certification, the highest mark according to u.s. green building council standards and a first in the community of dorchester.

the vivint team has added several energy-saving components to ivan and cynthia’s home, including a smart thermostat, small appliance modules and electronic door locks. these features allow ivan and cynthia to turn off heating and cooling, adjust their home’s temperature and turn off their lights or small appliances from almost any location using their smart phones. vivint’s energy saving solutions also allows them to eliminate wasted energy and ensure they’re only paying for the power they need. using their smart thermostat, ivan and cythia can create a schedule to match their lifestyle and set a customized temperature range to minimize heating and cooling cycles.

ivan and cythia have continued to lead out in their community since the completion of their home. on september 6, 2014 the couple held an open house hosting over 100 participants to showcase their home and principles of green living. the event offered seven workshops focused on the development of the home, energy efficiency, sustainable landscapes, health, solar power, home automation and leed. the vivint team attended and held a workshop on how to save money by managing energy. congratulations to ivan and cynthia on their success and work in the community!

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