the vivint vision

the vivint vision

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

when i was in high school my dear mother was always trying to inspire me to be just a little more studious. she would say things like, “you’ve got to plan your work and work your plan.” another regular one was, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” as i later realized, all efforts to plan are predicated on a vision. that vision includes past, present, and future.

george bernard shaw, recipient of the nobel prize for literature, said, “you see things; and you say ‘why?’ but i dream things that never were and i say ‘why not?’”

as we continue to evolve and mature as a company, we know how crucial it is to  keep innovating—to keep dreaming and let our imagination be our guide. we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about our future because our vision isn’t limited to home automation and home security. we want to aim higher, and that aspiration inspires us to continue asking the right questions. the future is in our hands, and the opportunities we have to make your life simply smarter are endless. we’re curious at heart. we’re optimistic. and we’re just getting started.

vivint is about more than products and services, features and benefits. these are important elements of what we do, but for us home automation is about the experience. it’s about technology integrating with your daily life that is easy to use while it’s saving you time, energy, and money. at the end of the day, we’re providing solutions to simplify your life so you can be out there living instead of managing your home.

as a company, we truly believe we can create a more intelligent world built on a vivint experience in every home—a vivint experience delivered by people who care.

come on—take the journey with us! after all, we wouldn’t be who we are without you. our customers are our obsession and they make all the difference. the experience we provide isn’t for us. it was carefully designed with you in mind. are you ready to see where vivint can go?