frequently asked questions about solar – part 2

frequently asked questions about solar – part 2

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

We recently posted part one of our four-part series about our most frequently asked questions about Vivint Solar. In this follow-up post, we’ll explore five more questions. If these answers are helping you understand why Vivint Solar is such a great thing for you financially and for our planet, visit and submit your information. One of our solar representatives will contact you right away.


Why do you need to collect my payment information before installation?

We need to make sure you have an active account or credit card to pay your electric bill before we put tens of thousands of dollars of equipment on your home. This helps avoid complicated situations in the future, but you won’t be billed until your system is actually producing electricity for your home.  You will receive your solar bill via email 10 days before we charge you for any power produced.

Will the panels damage my roof or make it less sturdy?

No. In general, we have no problems supporting our systems. During your site survey we will verify the integrity of your roof. If it is not able to support the system, we won’t install it.

Will my system work if the power lines are down?

No. Because it is tied to the grid, it will go down when the lines go down. Pushing power through the net meter when the grid is down is extremely dangerous for workers trying to repair the lines.

Is there any incentive for referring people?

Yes! Contact your local sales rep to help you with referrals.

Who keeps the tax breaks and SREC’s?

Because we pay for and own the system, we do. You don’t have to worry about them or deal with them thanks to the simplicity of the PPA model.