using your vivint weather app

using your vivint weather app

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

I never knew how important checking the weather could be until I decided one year on an early December morning to head out for a five-mile run at 5:00 am. Little did I know, I would be returning from this run with a little frostnip (a step away from frostbite) on the front of my thighs. I simply assumed I’d warm up once I got my blood pumping, I probably should’ve gotten a clue when my camel pack water turned to ice one mile into my run.

I later learned that the temperature was well below zero that morning.

Ever since that experience, I’ll never leave the house without checking the weather conditions. Luckily Vivint’s weather app is something anyone can easily use to check the weather right from your panel before leaving the house. The convenience of not turning on the weather channel or going online to look up my local weather brings me one step closer to preparing myself for the best and the worst! So make the most of your Vivint weather app.