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Welcome to Vivint. We are excited about the recent changes in our company and want to make sure that you, our valued customers, have all of your questions answered. Our new name, Vivint, combines the French word “vive” which means “to live” with the English word “intelligent.” We feel this new name better represents our company’s focus on living intelligently through not only home security, but home automation products such as our Go!Control panel and Energy Management package. Keep reading to find out more about our name and brand change and what it means for you.

What does this change mean for me?

While the name and look are different, the great service you are accustomed to receiving and product innovation remain the same. If anything, the service and products will only continue to get better.

At Vivint we are dedicated to helping you simplify your life through new products such as Lighting and Small Appliance Controls, Automatic Door Locks and Video Surveillance. We have also redesigned our website to give you more information and the ability to view your balance and pay your bill online.+

Are you still a security company?

You bet, but now we’re more. Along with our security systems we now offer energy and home management technologies making Vivint a home automation company.

Is the APX name going away completely?

Yes. Habits can be hard to break, but while we are proud of our history as APX Alarm, we will be known as Vivint from now on.

Has the company changed ownership?

No. The company is still the great company you are used to. The leadership is the same and the service will remain the same. Only the name has changed.

Will my billing change?

No. The only change in your billing is that you can now view your balance, payment history and pay your balance online at www.vivint.com. Life for Vivint customers has officially become simpler.

Will I get a new yard sign?

Yes. Within 12 weeks of February 1, a Vivint representative will visit your home to replace your old APX Alarm sign with a new Vivint sign.

Where can I go for questions?

A great way to stay connected with us and stay updated on Vivint news is online. Facebook, Twitter, blog – you name it, we’ve got it. You can also call or email Customer Service anytime.

Phone: 800.216.5232
E-mail: support@vivint.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/VivintHome
Twitter: www.twitter.com/VivintHome

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82 Responses to "welcome to vivint."
  1. Lisa says:

    I guess all is well so long as it’s really just a name change and upgrade to your product/services. Good luck with the new adventures!

  2. Rosie says:

    Is there a way to check from your end to make sure that my alarm is working in proper order. The other day my alarm kept beeping, so I put in my code and hit system off and it turned off.

    I don’t use it very often because most of the time there is someone home.

  3. Charles says:

    Now that you changed name can we change our contract or cancel it without penalty

    • Ian Bell says:

      We’re the same company with the same management and the same employees! We’re dedicated to providing the same great customer service.

    • Jean Gronbach says:

      I understand the company lhas not been bought by another company but only the name was changed. Is that correct? Will the name change affect current contracts? Will the contracts end dates remain the same? Can the contracts be cancelled without penalty?
      Thank you for your response.

      • Ian Bell says:


        There will be no change to your billing or current contract. Everything remains as it was! Feel free to post if you have any other questions or concerns!

  4. Rick Barszcz says:

    I’ve had the system since 2008 and it’s never worked. I’ve taken it out because of an artical in the Hartford Cournt saying that people that cancelled got visited from employee of APX now VIV and broke into people’s homes. I wanted to cancel because the unit does not work but VIV won’t cancel my “contract.” Did you know the contract runs for 5 years even if you don’t use it? Don’t tell me that isn’t blackmail. This is a terrible company to deal with.

    • Ian Bell says:


      I’m very sorry that there have been some issues with your system. however, I’m confident that we can get those resolved for you. If you can send me your contact information I’ll have someone call you to get to the bottom of this ASAP. Thanks!


    • ann taylor says:


      Personally we have had it for approx 3 yrs. After a few gliches were worked out we have been very happy with our system.

    • Brian S. says:

      You signed the contract silly people! Just like your cell phone or satellite tv service, you can cancel it but it’ll cost you the fee pointed out in the contract you signed under your own free will. They’re not blackmailing you in any way either, look up what that means. You may feel scammed but cancel and pay the fee and save yourself money.

      If you’re not happy call them. Have them come and fix it or pay the cancellation fee and cancel it. I am a costumer not a salesman or employee either. Have I thought of canceling? Sure. Will I? No because I call them, tell them my problem and they fix it! Most of the time they can help you fix it over the phone. So again, just call them up and get them to fix it. It’s a great system once you can work those bugs out.

      Next time read the contract you’re signing to know what you’re getting into and don’t bad mouth a company because you didn’t!

  5. Heather smith says:

    I would like some information about the surveillance and maybe upgrading.

  6. Ronald L. Henning says:

    I was paying my bill automatically through my bank. Do I need to make any changes now that your NAME has changed?


    Ronald L. Henning

    • Ian Bell says:


      Nope! You do not need to make any changes. Everything will continue as normal!

  7. Carol says:

    I have been requesting info re: canceling my contract due to my recent unemployment, but my corresondence has been ignored. Would somebody please contact me?

  8. Ida Oberg says:

    Every thing so far is fine but I was wondering if I can get another sign for
    my back yard. Do we get new replacements for window and doors??

  9. Jack Lewis says:

    What concerns me is that you had a good repetation as APX and when crooks see Vivint they might not respect it as they did APX and say what in the world is this. Time will tell.

  10. Orlan Thomas says:

    I notice that only one of our APX signs has been replaced? Will you replace the other one and, what about some stickers? My one concern is that the name VIVint doesn’t imply that it’s a Security System. How will the crooks know that the Vivint sign is to represent a security system? o. Thomas

  11. gertral says:

    I’ve had my system for a number of years without any problems except the battery needing replacement. recently I changed my tv,computer and phone to verizon fios in june, now my phone answering service does not work because after 8 months the security system is blocking my answering service. this was confirmed by verizon and Apx. my issue is this, if the apx system is causing this problem why do I have to pay to get it resolved or fix. None of this is my fault. Infact,I think apx should upgrade their security system since it is outdated.

    • Ian Bell says:


      The old system requires a standard phone line. If you decided to change the phone line, that would probably be why you’re having problems. That being said, the new Vivint Go!Control system uses cellular signals to communicate with our central monitoring station, so you don’t need to worry about what type of phone line you have. If you’re interested in having the new system installed, send me your contact information and I’ll have someone give you a call regarding getting that upgraded for you! Thanks!


    I have been with APX alarm company over three years and I have been having problems with the sytem on and on, my only request is to have my monthly monitoring fee reduce to be compatable with the competition so I can be at peace and stop trying to get out of this contrat.
    Thank you.

  13. Bev Servadio says:

    Wow! I’m surprised at some of comments! After a home invasion robbery attempt at our home, we had APX installed. The personnel were professional, explained EVERYTHING and made sure I understood EVERYTHING before signing or installing. The service has worked perfectly. We had additional monitors installed and again had the same great service. ANY time we have called we’ve been greeted with professional staff who have quickly answered our questions and even made follow up calls to make sure all is well.

    We sleep realllllly well at night now and the dread of leaving our home is gone. System has been in place for close to three years now. Plus, we get a discount on our homeowner’s insurance.

    APX or Vivint – it’s a name. Your service is what we appreciate! Thanks!

  14. Jack Maskil says:

    I have been with you guys for year or so, I have no complaintsm it is a great company so far.

  15. Athena says:

    We signed up about a year ago and have had no problems. After signing the contract you have time to research the company, review your contract and cancel without penalty should you have second thoughts. Although I think the cancellation fees are a bit high, I was well aware of this fee as I’m sure were most others. I found plenty of negative Internet posts from people angered because they weren’t allowed out of their contracts when they tried to cancel months or years later. It’s sad that people want to bash APX because they refuse to admit their own mistake.

  16. McMillen says:

    We were promised we would not have the amount of monthly pay changed. We are on a fixed income. We had no complaints with APX. Exactly what we want and more money will cause us a hardship.

  17. Kevin says:

    I have a solar powered light on my sign that I paid extra for. Will I get a light on my new sign or do I need to take off my light of the old one.

    • Ian Bell says:


      you will not need to pay anything extra for the new sign. You will be able to keep your light!

  18. Aaron Herren says:

    If you are happy about the name change, so am I. I appreciate your service
    and just keep it going.

  19. Suzan Wambeke says:

    Don’t like your new name, do like the new control panel that I can operate from my iphone, however the voice that announces is VERY BORING!!!! I also am concerned that the new sign does not indicate that it is a home security system!

  20. Edwyn A. Bennett says:

    I’ve been reading the responses to the posting’s.You always respond
    ” send me your contract information ” Dont you have a copy at the headquarters ? This is very confusing.

    • Ian Bell says:

      The reason that we ask for that Edwin is that many customers have the same name, sometimes people go by a different name then what is on their contract, or commenters will leave only a part of their name and it is difficult to find the correct account to respond to.

  21. Gene K. says:

    Changing the name is fine. There is one problem, however. Nowhere on the sign (at least that is visible at a glance) that the sign represents some kind of security.

    You should, at the least, include something like the word “Security” below the name. As it is, it can be mistaken for a sign put up by a remodeling company or a roof repair company, etc.

    Our adult daughter came over to visit and saw the new “Vivint” sign in the yard and asked “What’s that?”

    She was used to the original “APX” alarm sign and could easily identify its significance.

    Just a suggestion. Keep up the fine work. We have had your system for almost 3 years now and have been very impressed with your professionalism and rapid response times to events which have occurred over time. Fortunately only minor ones.


    • Gene K. says:

      Changing the name is fine. There is one problem, however. Nowhere on the sign (at least that is visible at a glance) that the sign represents some kind of security.

      You should, at the least, include something like the word “Security” below the name. As it is, it can be mistaken for a sign put up by a remodeling company or a roof repair company, etc.

      Our adult daughter came over to visit and saw the new “Vivint” sign in the yard and asked “What’s that?”

      She was used to the original “APX” alarm sign and could easily identify its significance.

      Just a suggestion. Keep up the fine work. We have had your system for almost 3 years now and have been very impressed with your professionalism and rapid response times to events which have occurred over time. Fortunately only minor ones.


      PS Perhaps you could add the word “Monitoring” or something like that, if you do not like adding the word “Security”, or some such. Thanks.

  22. Richard E. Benskin says:

    Just returned from lengthy hospital stay and found new “orange” (ugh!) sign in our all green/brown yard. Sorry, but it’s been moved to the back. As much as you may enjoy your new name and color scheme, we can’t find it in ourselves to allow that orange sign to be seen. Better to pick an alternative to stand in our more subtly-viewed yard.

  23. Shirley Stealey says:

    I’m not happy at all with a name change. I understand it cost a lot of money to change the name and it’s a made up name at that. The name didn’t have to be changed to add new services. What happens now if I want to change to a different company? Do I call you to come and take out what I have installed? Can you tell I’m not a happy camper?

  24. Rob Renna says:

    I love APX the company and its system and customer service people. What I can’t understand is why do you change to a name you really can’t pronounce correctley the first time. Like GM they name a car Aveo how do you say it, now they changed the name of the car to Sonic you can say it but does it come with french fries on the side.
    I recently got the letter in the mail explanning the change with our new window stickers, fine, however there is no mention of you are procted by on the label like the old APX label, it just says Vivint.
    We are hoping that the robbers have done there homework and understand the name change, without the words procted by on it.

  25. John E Goldberger says:

    With the new name of vivint, how will criminals know it is a security systemwithout the word “security” or “alarm” on the sign? Not by trial and error, I hope.

  26. MissT says:

    My previous yard sign broke in half (not durable at all). I was wondering if I could get replacements before 90 days?

    • Ian Bell says:


      I’d love to help you out with that! Please send me your contact information and we’ll get one in the mail for you asap. Thanks!

  27. Brenda says:

    I changed over to APEX about 6 months ago. I have glass breakage monitors in each room. They were not tested when the change over happened. Do you think that the glass monitors are working? Do I need to break something to test them? Would there be a charge for you to come out to test them, since they were not tested when we changed over to APEX?

    • Ian Bell says:


      We can certainly test those sensors for you. You won’t have to break anything either! We would have a technician come to your home with a unit that sends out a sound wave that is identical to breaking glass. We could also have him replace any sensors at that time if you would like. If you can send me your contact information I’ll have someone give you a call about setting up a time to check that out for you! thanks! ian.bell@vivint.com

  28. nick says:

    will the new signs say “alarm” on them? If not, I would suggest- as a marketing tool- it says something about home security because the general public will not know what Vivint means…

    I recieved the window stickers as a package, and they did not say anything about alarm/security, only plain text that says “vivint.” How will the crooks know what a little sticker that says “vivint” means? It could mean anything to them.

    I’m not here to slag your product, it works fine, but consider that.

  29. Gail says:

    I’m really not happy with the name change at all. One of the reasons the sign is on the lawn is to show that the house is alarmed with a company that doesn’t sound sissy. Sorry Vivint just doesn’t cut it for me and I’m thinking of changing alarm companies for that reason alone,


    • Ian Bell says:


      I certainly understand your frustration. We feel that the name change needed to occur to signify our expanded offerings in the home automation and home security environments. We’re confident that the name Vivint will be come synonymous with home security, home control, and simple affordable home automation. We offer the best service on the market, with some of the lowest response times and a progressive vision for what we can do for our customers. We’re confident that we’ll provide a great experience!

      • Gene K. says:

        Yes but …

        We are not questioning the veracity of your system or the fine service you provide. We are saying the sign, as it exists now, does not convey that message to would-be criminals.

        How many “events” must we users experience before your “Vivint” name (minus any monitoring notation) becomes a household name???

        Suggestion: How about using a bright green sign in lieu of the sickly orange?

        Seems appropriate in a day and time when lot’s or people (maybe even criminals) are trying to become environmentally conscious.

        Best Wishes,

  30. bess says:

    As far as the security goes, I have been more than happy. We switched and I was a little nervous about it…I had been with our old security company for 9 years. I was unhappy, which helped when a salesman came and gave us the pitch. However, my nervousness was quickly put to rest. The security has been great and the timeliness of response to our false alarms have been quick. I feel comfortable knowing that in a true emergency, we will be taken care of.

    BUT, the new sign is UGLY!! I HATE the orange. I am VERY particular with my landscape, and the sign is just awful. The blue was much nicer as far as landscaping goes. I guess the orange is eye catching, which is good for warning, but it is so, so ugly. I am disappointed with the color to the point that I have thought about removing it all together, but then, there goes my deterent. Grrr!

  31. Allene Tollison says:

    Everyone keeps talking about a contract. I remember signing something giving permission to install, but no contract and I don’t have a contract.
    Can you help me?

    • Ian Bell says:

      Most installations of the system come with an agreement that varies in length. If you can send me your contact information I’ll have someone give you a call to answer any and all questions for you! thanks! ian.bell@vivint.com

  32. pat mckenzie says:

    We had a few bugs when system was first installed, but everything was taken care of in timely manner. We could not be happier with service, and can now sleep peacefully now that we have the system. Yes we have dogs, but still we feel safer with system in place. Keep up the good work and keep the great phone reps. They have always answered any question we may have had

  33. Doug Holley says:

    We switched to APX, Now Vivint about a year ago after having ADT for 6 years. The experiance has been awesome and well worth the couple extra bucks a month for the service and equipment Vivint supplies. The Go control is awesome and combined with the energy package, I control my system from my I-phone and I know who is coming and going with text alerts.

    This is a great feature to have with a family thats constantly on the go! Im excited to add the video surveillance to my system when it becomes available!

    24/7 piece of mind in a world full of not so nice people!

  34. Deborah says:

    When I changed alarm companies years back to APX, I had the heat/smoke detector put in. A week ago, I realized that alarm is what saved my home from likely being destroyed & the deaths of my pets. I wasn’t home when Vivint called my cell and the fire department was dispatched immediately. I owe a lot the the quick action of Vivint.

  35. Jason says:

    Is there a deal now due to the name change to upgrade our Apx existing system to the new Vivint security system?

    • Ian Bell says:


      If you have the Go!Control system (the Touchscreen) then you are good to go. You can add the new features at anytime after March 1st. If you don’t have the Go!Control panel, send me your contact information and I’ll have someone contact you about an upgrade! thanks!

  36. Jacqueline Taylor says:

    I have not received any stickers or yard sign. I recently found out about the name change through my statement. How can I get these items or when will I be getting them? I will be needing 2 yard signs. Also, my payment is made through my bank – do I need to change the name or continue to make payments to APX?


    • Ian Bell says:

      Jackie, the sign and stickers should be there in the coming weeks. If you don’t receive them soon, call in to customer support (1-800-216-5232) and they will help you out with that. And no, you will not need to make any changes to your payments, everything will continue to happen normally. Thanks!

  37. rick molcan says:

    I just had a call from one of your reps today, February 24, 2011. I live in Nanaimo and my postal code is V9V1G6. I am sure you can figure out who came to my door at 2:45 pm PST today.

    All I can say is that you will never have me as a customer if this is the quality of people you hire. I was very busy when he rang my door bell, interrupting me during some important work. I have a home based office, my dogs were barking at him non-stop. He wouldn’t shut up even though I told him I simply did not have time to talk with him. Then, he refused to give me a brochure when I asked for one. His reason was that ‘he didn’t give these to ‘just anyone’. When I told him I didn’t have time to speak with him and asked if they had a web site he snottily replied in the affirmative and then started going off about how big you were. Big and rude it appears. When I went to shake his hand he turned and simply started walking away. I was surprised at how unprofessional that move was. When I asked him if he wasn’t even going to shake my hand he ended any chance of us doing business together by saying ‘I don’t shake hands with people like you’

    People like me? You mean he doesn’t shake hands with busy business people who probably earn more money than him and live in a 3500 square foot home a block from the ocean? Those kind of people???

    It’s been a while since I experienced that low a level of person knocking at my door. The worst kind of pre-judging imaginable. You need to train your people better, or train the ones you are paying to hire people like him. You can be sure that all my friends on facebook will be reading all about you… and your response. I can hardly wait to hear from you.

    • Ian Bell says:


      Thank you for posting. We appreciate the feedback and we will be looking into this incident. We most definitely do not condone this type of behavior. I truly do care about each customer’s (or non-customer’s) experience with our representatives. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them here, or via e-mail, and I will answer them as soon as possible.

      Once again, I’m terribly sorry for your experience.

      Thank You!


  38. Shelley says:

    Received our new Vivint sign for the yard. It’s very visible during the day, however at night you can’t read it well, even with the light on it. Find the white print on the orange background blends to much together. Darker lettering would have been better.

  39. Wesley Bright says:

    I have to agree with all the others which do not like the new name. It does not represent security. The new signs were poorly thought out and does not indicate security, protection, anything relevant to what this name is supposed to be. I put my old APX signs back up so criminals know I have protection. I asked customer service to make sure nobody comes back out and changes the signs again as I refuse to have that ugly orange sign with a foreign car sounding name on it in my yard.

  40. Mary says:

    I just got a system installed last week and LOVE it!!! The sign they put in my front yard says “Vivint” on it real big, but doesn’t say “alarm system” or anything on it. Got any signs or window decals that specify “alarm” on them? I want to be sure any would be thieves know my house has an ALARM system. Some of the yocals here ain’t so bright and may think it’s a computer or gaming system!!!

    • Ian Bell says:


      thanks for posting! We do have a sign that says “Protected by Vivint”, and I’d be happy to get one out to you! If you can send me your contact information we’ll get that set up for you as soon as possible. Thanks! ian.bell@vivint.com

  41. Deborah Flood says:

    Good evening, I don’t really have a good comment. I have a complaint, I talked with a representive in Feburary and was told that I would be getting a new sign in the front and back of my house because the old APX sign was ran over. However, when the company workers came into the area they didn’t even come to my house. They (the workers) stuck a new panel with the words(vivint) on top of the old APX sign on the house next door to me. They didn’t even leave a note telling me they were or have been in the neigborhood. I am still left without signs and we are now going into another month (April).

    Please help me understand

    • Jenaé says:

      Thanks Deborah for leaving your post! I’ll make sure we get someone back out to replace your sign this time! If there’s anything else you need feel free to email me at jplymale@vivint.com thanks!

  42. Shawn Strovas says:

    I have loved apx. There was nothing wrong about them. I even sent them new customers. Wonderful service too. But yesterday I noticed the hideous orange vivint signs on my house that say nothing about “home security”, “alarm”, “protected by”, “surveillance” or anything. Just “vivint.” Then the guy that replaces my water filters asked me if that was a soccer team. A SOCCER TEAM!!! The first line of home security is a sign that tells criminals to back off. Not a sign that might tell them you like an orange soccer team. This is ridiculous, and I feel you have taken my front line of security away from me with these useless signs. Almost all other home security signs are blue and white, which at least in these parts, are synonymous with home protection. I’m now paying for less protection as far as I’m concerned. I want my old signs back asap. I don’t care if they say apx on them. It’s more secure that the soccer team sign. Otherwise I will be calling other companies. Better fix this for everyone.

  43. vince tonc says:

    U have a salesman in butte Montana that came to my house yesterday. After hearing his pitch and price I told him I was not interested and to leave. He was reluctant and I had to order him out of the house. He later told my neighbor that we had purchased a system. He just came back and I ordered him off of my property which he did not immediately do and I told him he was trespassing and if he ever returned I am going to call the police and sue u. He bad mouthed me on leaving, this is unacceptable and I want him to be reprimanded and leave the area immediately.

    • Ian Bell says:

      Thanks for the heads up Vince! We’ll be looking into this immediately. We will not tolerate this type of attitude from our employees. I’m terribly sorry for his actions.

  44. Hope Carter says:

    need to change my email address to: nermal@alaska.net

  45. Arthur M Provost says:

    yes i have a vivint control in my house and no i dont want to upgrade i want it out of my house please. when my lease is up thank you because i dont need it.

    • Jenaé says:

      Thanks for your post, I’ll have someone contact you asap to make sure you’re taken care of. Don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything else we can do for you. jplymale@vivint.com

  46. chad bishop says:

    people should really read contracts before they sign them. im pleased with my home protection services and am not employed by vivint. for everyone saying the sign doesnt say security on it, neither do the apx, adt, etc signs i see around. remember even if people ignore the sign youre paying for intrusion detection so dont worry. yhe only thing i would have to have seen were window decals to put on some of my windows, maybe in due time. also to the “rich” guy who had a bad salesman, every company has these kind of people, my salesman was great. however yhe ADT salesman that came through a few days later telling me that they were comcerned qhen some of their customers were told by a recent vivint salesman that adt had been bought out by vivint. our guy clearly told us vivint was a name change from apx and only told us that when my wife asked. when i tild the adt salesman that it was no concern of mine, as he should know, i wasnt an adt customer. he told me they wanted to get some signs up in peoplea yards to make the neighborhood safer. i told him i was more than happy to oblige he could put his sign right by my vivint one, he pretended he hadnt seen the bright orange sign and that if i wanted his i would have to buy his product. i explained that he wasnt “trying to get signs up” so much as “selling alarm systems”. door to door salesmen arent always the best representatives of a company, even though our vivint one was nice. as a business person myself in a larger house than yours i recognize this, i figure you would to.

  47. Damien Coon says:

    Great blog article.Much thanks again. Excellent.

  48. Bob says:

    I have kid’s who come and go all the time and hours, a lot of times I notice the garage door has been left open all night. Can I put a control module on it or make a bluetooth connection to close it from my iphone or ipad? I have a Sear liftmaster.


    • Ian Bell says:

      While we don’t offer Garage door modules currently, almost all z-wave peripherals will work with the system. You can purchase a 3rd party Garage module and install it on your system.

  49. Candace says:

    Hey I need to know if someone cuts our Internet service will the glass and door breaks still activate and system call police?

    • Ian Bell says:

      Yes, your system will still function because it is set up with it’s own cellular unit to send and receive signals from our monitoring station.