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We’ve made it to the end of our four-part series on Vivint Solar. In part four, we’ll discuss where our equipment is made and whether or not your rates will increase substantially (hint: they won’t). Thanks for checking in. And, … …read more

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New Jersey 6:4:13
company   06/26/2013
by Sara Seamons

Want to make your summer brighter and save on power while you’re at it? Vivint Solar customers are doing both and loving all the money they’re saving too. “We’ve seen a big difference in our energy bill. Not only are … …read more

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Are you ready for part three? We’re getting close to the end of our four-part series about how Vivint Solar works. But don’t worry … there’s still lots more great information to come. Is there any incentive for referring people … …read more

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vivint solar_MG_4551#8E7010
company, tech   02/02/2012
by Justin Swanson

Our eyes and solar panels have something in common: they receive the most intense sunlight when they are directly facing the center of the sun. Bad for our eyes, but good for solar panels. As soon as either is tilted … …read more

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Vivint Solar Rising
company   10/19/2011
by Sara Seamons

Solar is typically seen as complex and expensive; historically, very few people have been able to afford the initial start-up costs. But now, new companies like Vivint Solar are offering simple, affordable solar solutions and consumers are starting to realize … …read more

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