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20140912 Northern Lights DIrt September 12, 2014  (Jac Scott)
company, gives back   11/03/2014
by Hilary Whitesides

Here at Vivint, we’ve always been committed to giving back. From Habitat for Humanity to the Ronald McDonald House, Feed My Starving Children to Sub for Santa, we are looking for every opportunity to help families and communities in any … …read more

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For over four years, Vivint has partnered with the non-profit organization Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) to provide meals to children in need all over the world.  FMSC specializes in meals that contain essential nutrients that can also be packed … …read more

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gives back   09/10/2014
by Hilary Whitesides

Vivint employees and their families care about giving back not just to people in need. We also care about man’s best friend. The families of Vivint sales representatives in Pensacola, Florida, recently volunteered at the Pensacola Humane Society to give … …read more

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gives back   08/14/2014
by Hilary Whitesides

The Boys & Girls Club of Odessa is dedicated to helping young people become caring and productive citizens—a mission Vivint also believes in and is excited to be a part of. In early June, Vivint volunteers in the Midland and … …read more

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Sunset View 2[5]
gives back   07/21/2014
by Hilary Whitesides

At Vivint, we believe in giving back not only through our finances and resources, but also through our time and talents—especially when children are involved. Kids everywhere can benefit from the time and mentoring of adults in their community, which … …read more

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gives back   07/16/2014
by Hilary Whitesides

Jane (name has been changed) is a bright 15-year-old who has made a few bad choices in her life and is looking to overcome the obstacles before her. Rochelle Price is a Vivint employee who had the opportunity to be … …read more

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gives back   07/09/2014
by Hilary Whitesides

Vivint field service professionals banded together in the spring to help out Habitat for Humanity with some important local projects. Techs in and around San Antonio participated in a few housing projects. Vivint volunteers installed siding on two homes and … …read more

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gives back   07/03/2014
by Hilary Whitesides

They say that many hands make light work. With that in mind, a lot of hands are needed for the work to be truly light at the Boys & Girls Club of Augusta, Georgia, which has been successfully providing important … …read more

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company   04/15/2014
by Sara Seamons

Tereka Chance from San Antonio, Texas, couldn’t be more pleased with her Vivint system. Tereka has two children; Amari and Arianna. Amari was diagnosed with Autism when he was very young. Over the years, the Chance family has enlisted several … …read more

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Vivint Kick off meeting  March 25, 2014  (Jac Scott)
company, gives back   04/14/2014
by Jessica Allen

Tereka Chance knows better than anyone that having a child with a mental disability, specifically autism in the case of her son, Amari, can increase stress levels in the home. Amari has undergone extensive therapy to help manage his autism, … …read more

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