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company   04/15/2014
by Sara Seamons

Tereka Chance from San Antonio, Texas, couldn’t be more pleased with her Vivint system. Tereka has two children; Amari and Arianna. Amari was diagnosed with Autism when he was very young. Over the years, the Chance family has enlisted several … …read more

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Vivint Kick off meeting  March 25, 2014  (Jac Scott)
company, gives back   04/14/2014
by Jessica Allen

Tereka Chance knows better than anyone that having a child with a mental disability, specifically autism in the case of her son, Amari, can increase stress levels in the home. Amari has undergone extensive therapy to help manage his autism, … …read more

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For those struggling with poverty, a warm meal and a kind smile can go a long way. The Calgary Mustard Seed Homeless Shelter believes that men, women, and children experiencing poverty deserve a helping hand—and recently Vivint families were happy … …read more

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There are few things as frightening and potentially devastating as a cancer diagnosis. With that in mind, Vivint volunteers recently completed a service project for patients at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and their families. Through their research, treatment, and care, … …read more

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Vivint raised more than $3 million for charity during 2013 through the Vivint Gives Back program. Additionally, nearly 6,500 Vivint employees volunteered their time and collectively donated more than 50,000 hours of service. Vivint Gives Back has been Vivint’s philanthropic … …read more

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gives back   01/23/2014
by Hilary Whitesides

When over 100 Vivint volunteers traveled to Cusco, Peru, to help in service projects, they knew it would be hard physical work. But they didn’t know just how hard. The various service projects took place over a week’s time and … …read more

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gives back   01/16/2014
by Hilary Whitesides

New York City is home to big dreams—and also big poverty. The Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx aims to help with both.

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gives back   01/02/2014
by Hilary Whitesides

To say the Matthews-Dickey Boys and Girls Club in St. Louis has a great impact on its community would be an understatement. The non-profit organization has helped more than 40,000 young men and young women ages 5–18 and has been … …read more

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cambodia 3
gives back   12/19/2013
by Hilary Whitesides

When over 60 Vivint volunteers traveled to Cambodia recently, they didn’t know exactly what to expect, but they knew they wanted to work hard. “I was super pleased to see our teams put to work—seriously hard work,” said volunteer Neal … …read more

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gives back   12/11/2013
by Tiffany Compton

Vivint is passionate about giving back. Each year we seek out opportunities to make a difference in the communities that we serve, and one of our biggest efforts is Sub for Santa. Vivint employees donate time and money to the … …read more

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