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support, tech   02/09/2015
by Jessica Allen

Accessing your home from anywhere is simple! Whether you need to check in on the kids with your smart phone from work, or you need to adjust the thermostat settings while on vacation, your home is always at your finger … …read more


There are so many reasons to love the Vivint mobile app and it might even be the best aspect of our entire home automation system– it’s definitely what I use the most! The mobile app takes all of the features … …read more

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tech   11/19/2014
by Sara Seamons

We recently moved to a new home and decided to have a Vivint system installed. I was a little bit worried about how it would look, but decided that the sense of security it would provide was worth it. When … …read more

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There’s a lot of buzz out there right now around “smart” thermostats. They’re all over the internet, they’re getting sold in hardware stores, and they’re even gracing the pages of tech magazines. But here’s the thing—not all smart thermostats are … …read more

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We installed our vivint home automation system shortly after moving into our first home and I noticed just how many of my neighbors had vivint signs in front of other homes as well.  In a weird way, it’s like we’re … …read more

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company, tech   10/20/2014
by Jessica and Derek Kopp

I have been salivating over the concept of home automation since I first saw it in speculative children’s book in the 80’s. In the book, there was a big control panel next to the bed that controlled all the lights … …read more

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support, tech   09/24/2014
by Sara Seamons

Here at Vivint, we’re always trying to improve our customer experience. And part of taking care of customers like you is making sure you have the most up-to-date technology. You already have a Vivint system customized to your home, but … …read more

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company, tech   09/15/2014
by Colleen Ludovice

Have you ever forgotten to lock your door? While it can be easy mistake, leaving doors unlocked can have detrimental consequences. Until recently, I had no idea that a simple technology could eliminate the risk of leaving our door unlocked. … …read more

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company, tech   08/19/2014
by Colleen Ludovice

When we first got our vivint home automation system, I was worried about triggering false alarms. It turns out the key fob is a useful product feature that reduces the chance of any false alarms. It’s great for busy, on-the-go … …read more

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safety, tech   08/07/2014
by Jessica Allen

Identity theft is not something that should be taken lightly. They say the best offense is a good defense, and protecting yourself from fraud is no exception. Know the facts so you can prevent it from happening. Check out this … …read more

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