Stress Less with Fewer False Alarms

Stress Less with Fewer False Alarms

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

The latest firmware update (3.10.16) was rolled out at the end of July and includes a new exciting feature that will help reduce false alarms.

Extended Entry Delay is a new feature designed to prevent false alarms in the event that you need to re-enter your home immediately after your system is armed (i.e. you armed the system and walked out the door, but realized you left something inside that you need). With Extended Entry Delay, you will be given a two-minute grace period after your system is armed. This means that if you re-enter the home within two minutes of arming it, the system will beep three times and give you 90 seconds to disarm it. If you do not disarm the system within 90 seconds, the alarm will sound and monitoring will contact you.

This update will be rolled out in batches, but if you’d like to have your system updated sooner, please contact customer support. This feature will be automatically turned on for every customer when their software version is updated—please contact customer care if you would like to disable this feature for your system.