Have a smart spring with your smart thermostat

Have a smart spring with your smart thermostat

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Spring is here! That amazing time of year when you open your windows to let in the fresh air, sunshine, and sweet chirping of birds. Warmer breezes mean lighter jackets during the day, but the winter chill can still linger at night, so you’re not quite ready to totally give up your heating for the air conditioner yet. To heat or not to heat? To cool or not to cool? Luckily, your Vivint smart thermostat helps take the guesswork out of the changing seasons!

When you have your thermostat set in auto mode, it will automatically adjust based on your preset desired temperatures. To adjust the mode on your thermostat, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Vivint Smart Home app
  2. Tap the temperature icon in the bottom navigation bar, which will display the current temperature and thermostat settings
  3. Tap the Heat icon in the bottom left of the screen to open mode options for your thermostat
  4. Select ‘Auto’

Your thermostat also can sense when you are home or away, asleep, or on vacation and automatically adapt the climate controls to keep you comfortable and save energy!

Kids kicking the AC or heat up while you’re gone? Not a problem! Your smart thermostat will notify you when the temperature moves outside of your preferred settings, then you can simply adjust the temperature from anywhere with direct access through your Vivint Smart Home app.

Prefer more hands-on control? Access your thermostat from anywhere, anytime, on any smart device, or even adjust the temperature with your voice with the Amazon Echo!

When you take advantage of your Vivint smart thermostat’s intelligent technology, you will spring into comforts and savings!

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