Vivint Gives Back installs sensory rooms for Florida Autism Center for Excellence

Vivint Gives Back installs sensory rooms for Florida Autism Center for Excellence

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Vivint Gives Back took over 75 Vivint Smart Home employees to Tampa, Florida last month to renovate three classrooms and install three state-of-the-art sensory rooms at the Florida Autism Center for Excellence. Florida Autism Center for Excellence (F.A.C.E.) currently has over 100 students ranging from 3–22 on the autism spectrum. With these new sensory spaces, F.A.C.E. expects that they will be able to grow their program to serve over 150 children with autism in the coming years.

Inside each renovated classroom was brand new furniture, lockers, a reading area, and age-specific sensory development equipment. One of everyone’s favorite rooms was the Pre-K classroom which featured a large “dramatic play” area (an area many children with autism struggle with). This new area included a kitchen, grocery store, and dress up area.

Vivint Smart Home volunteers were also able to create a specific sensory room for younger children that included a bubble tube, marble wall, ball pit, a large tactile wall, and other specific sensory items. The items in this sensory room and the other rooms will allow the teachers and aids to develop specific IEP (individual educational plan) for each student, helping each child reach their potential. Another favorite room was the life skills room for older children. This room included a workshop, a grocery store, and an apartment-style home to help children learn skills so they can learn to live on their own.

Dan Anderson, a Vivint employee, said, “Taking my wife and daughter on the Vivint Gives Back trip helped us grow closer as a family as we served together.” He also said that he liked being able to experience serving others who have different challenges than himself.

At the end of the three days, the volunteers revealed the new spaces to the students, parents, and staff of F.A.C.E. In all, about 75 people from F.A.C.E. participated in the reveal. As an added bonus, the school was surprised with new basketball hoops, painted court, and a new shed for their bikes.

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