Updated Online Account Center

Updated Online Account Center

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

At Vivint Smart Home, we understand that all of your daily obligations can make it difficult to manage. We are dedicated to the pursuit of simplifying your life and putting you in control of your home, and we have recently made some changes to the Vivint Online Account Center that are sure to do just that.

  1. Real-time activity feed
    • Picture yourself at work on the computer where you can’t check your phone, but you want to keep an eye on your kids who are at home. Luckily, with Vivint Smart Home, you can have your dashboard open in its own tab to check and make sure that the havoc in your home stays at manageable levels.
  2. Control over emergency contacts, billing, user profiles, and custom actions
    • If one of your teenagers gets grounded, you can update your pin to make sure that there are no unwelcome house parties while you are out!
  3. Integration between the Online Account Center and web app
    • This will allow you to seamlessly move between the web app, which allows control over your smart home, and the online account center, which allows you to make changes to your account information.
  4. Customizable tiles
    • This allows you to choose which camera video feeds and components of your smart home you’d like to see first when you log in, so you can easily check the most important parts of your home without scrolling.

There you have it: some highlights of your updated Online Account Center! We hope you enjoy the additional control you have over your home.