Steve Dixon gives insight into Vivint’s customer experience

Steve Dixon gives insight into Vivint’s customer experience

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Steve Dixon, Senior VP of Customer Experience & Operations at Vivint Smart Home, shared with us some of the passion and goals that drives him in improving Vivint Smart Home’s customer experience for our over 1 million customers.

What does customer experience mean to you?

When I think customer experience, I think about our deliberate effort to put ourselves in the place of our customers and try to think like them to create an open communication line between our company and customers. A connection that allows our customers to feel valued and cared for in all the ways they want us to be there for them—whether it is chat, email, or call. From the moment they are installed all the way through to the point when they have the decision to remain a customer, we hope that we’ve created through this journey a track record that makes a customer feel they want to continue on with us.

What motivates you to be excited about customer experience?

Customer experience has been where I’ve loved focusing my career—it’s in my DNA to want to help take care of customers. What makes it especially important and exciting at Vivint Smart Home is that our products and our vision for how we can provide simplicity and convenience to our customers is very cool—it’s cutting edge. It is stuff that 10 years ago, when we were all thinking forward to the future, we imagined and dreamed of…and now it’s here. This notion of being in my kitchen and, seeing my back porch lights are on, I can tell my Amazon Echo to turn them off—that’s such a huge convenience. When you add to it the protection component with our award-winning security, it takes it from convenience to reassurance.

What do you think sets Vivint customer care apart from other companies and their customer service?

One of the big things is the fact that we have a really compelling service and product line. Our technology allows us to be proactive towards our customers and their needs, and that is something unique to our company. Another thing is something that I hope customers can feel—the individual commitment from every single person we have in our call centers. Our Smart Home Specialists are genuinely committed to helping our customers—whether they are on the phone with a customer or they are interacting with someone via chat or email. That doesn’t mean we get it right every single time, but the underlying commitment and genuine desire of our team to make sure we are taking great care of customers is something special. It is something that we have as part of our culture, and we try to hire people who have that as part of what they want to accomplish in their careers.

What was one of the things/events in customer experience you were proudest of in 2016?

We received a couple awards this last year for the service we provide to our customers, but I get to see every day the level of great customer satisfaction that most of our customer feels. When I see the good feedback from customers continually rising on the charts, it is gratifying to see that customer feedback because it means they have been positively influenced by our customer care team.

Moving into 2017, what are your goals on improving Vivint Smart Home’s customer experience?

We are always looking to improve the the Vivint customer experience, and we want to make the job easier for our Smart Home Specialists in 2017. One of the things we are looking to improve is to help improve the tools our representatives have, making them better able to diagnose and resolve customer problems. There is a huge effort going on behind the scenes to help improve tools to take care of our customers; we are developing technology to help tailor customer support so they are serving up answers to customers right when they need them. We are being smarter in the way we go about great customer service.