Vivint Gives Back helps build a better life for children in Peru

Vivint Gives Back helps build a better life for children in Peru

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

The ancient Inca empire is most often associated with legends of golden treasure, but last October revealed a different type of gold in Peru. Hearts of gold were found in 300 Vivint Gives Back volunteers as they helped with the Peru impact trip—consisting of 11 different project sites—to help improve education for children with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Vivint Gives Back worked with the Children of Peru Foundation to help repair schoolhouses, build playgrounds, improve greenhouses, and interact with the children. The impact team also helped renovate therapy rooms for children with disabilities.

At the Alberge, a place where children live during the week while they go to school, volunteers sanded and assembled new bunk beds for the children. They were also able to buy 15 new mattresses for the beds using donations made by Vivint Smart Home employees. Vivint Gives Back replaced the kids’ one, deflated soccer ball with brand new soccer balls and a myriad of other toys.

Mike Schriener, a Smart Home Pro, reflected on the experience, saying, “It was amazing to see these kids with so much happiness and hope in a situation that would have looked so hopeless to us. Being there and being with them made most of our daily worries seem so silly. That was the most valuable part for me. As much as we worked to provide some value for them by being there, the benefits were mutual.”