Scout Elf 2.0

Scout Elf 2.0

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Vivint Smart Home is kicking off the holidays with the 12 Days for a Smarter Holiday Season blog series. This is the first post in the series so stayed tuned for more to come!

One of our kids’ favorite holiday traditions is finding the new hiding place of our scout elf each morning after he returns from snitching on them at the North Pole. Bless those families who stage intricate scenes of elven mischief and mayhem. We’ve never managed the energy to do more than re-hide him or come up whimsical excuses as to why he didn’t actually move over night (oops).

Well that just may change this year. Vivint recently released the new Ping Camera, which has some features that can make the elf hunt a lot more fun for kids and grownups alike.

First, the motion-sensing camera automatically records a clip any time movement is detected.  Because it’s fast and easy to relocate your camera, you can use this feature to assemble a series of clips showing the elf moving from room to room. It’s even cooler if you shoot it as though the elf is holding the camera, with camera shake and everything. Kids can use the clues to follow his trail all over the house.

Second, and this is the truly cool feature, you can enable 2-way Talk to have the elf call out from its hiding place when the kids are in another room. Using the Vivint sky app on your mobile device, just select the camera that is hiding with your elf and tap the microphone icon to begin taunting the kids in your best elf voice. The best part is that you can record the confused little buggers as they run around in circles trying to figure out why the previously silent elf has suddenly started talking to them.

That’s the sort of elf mayhem I can get excited about this holiday season. As an added bonus, just think how much better the kids will behave when you tell them that they are now on a live video feed being continuously monitored by child behavior specialists at the North Pole.

Learn more about the Ping Camera by clicking here!