Mistletoe and your holiday kiss cam

Mistletoe and your holiday kiss cam

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Christmas mistletoe, with its evergreen leaves and tiny berries, has long been a symbol of peace and friendship. The Druids hung it over doorways to bring homes good luck and ward off evil spirits. Norse mythology taught that the goddess of love and beauty would bestow a kiss on anyone who passes under it. Perhaps the tradition we are most familiar with during the holidays is the Anglo-Saxon belief that a man had to kiss any young girl who found herself accidentally under a sprig of mistletoe, or else bad luck would befall the young girl. And the tradition of kissing under mistletoe continues today!

This holiday season, bring a little cheer and good luck to your home by hanging a sprig or two of mistletoe above your front door, and catch the action using your Vivint Doorbell Camera. You can easily download the clips in your Vivint Sky app, then surprise your friends and family with their sweet (and silly) moments beneath the mistletoe caught on your personal hidden kiss cam!

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