10 steps to prep your holiday guests

10 steps to prep your holiday guests

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

The holidays are upon us, and as a seasoned smart home user, you know all the tricks of using your smart home system. You’ve already automated your holiday lights, your thermostat switched to your heating preferences without you even thinking about it, and you’ve forgotten what is was like to not be able to check in on your home from anywhere. But what about the in-laws that are coming into town soon, or the neighbor kid who is house-sitting your dogs while you’re away on vacation? Are you ready to teach these newcomers to seamlessly become a part of your smart home? We’ve put together ten steps to get you started educating guests and visitors on how to use a smart home:

  1. Assign them a 4-digit PIN. This can easily be changed or removed later if they will only be a temporary user.
  1. Demonstrate how to use their 4-digit PIN to both arm and disarm the system from your panel
  1. Demonstrate the difference between “Arming Stay” and “Arming Away,” then have them practice using their 4-digit PIN to arm and disarm the system to both “Stay” and “Away”

A.  If they arm your home to “stay,” every sensor will be activated except for interior sensors such as motion detectors—this is so they can move freely around your home

B.  If they arm your home to “away,” every sensor in your home will be activated, including all interior sensors

  1. Demonstrate how to use their 4-digit PIN at your smart door locks to unlock the door
  1. In case of emergency, help them understand how to activate emergency services
  1. If they are a long-term or permanent addition to your smart home, you will want to have them download the Vivint Sky app from their smart phone store
  1. Demonstrate how to use the app to:

A.  Arm and disarm the system from the app. Point out that they are able to arm to both “Stay” and “Away” from the app

B.  Lock and unlock your smart door locks

  1. Encourage them to memorize:

A.  Their 4-digit PIN

B.  The duress code

C.  The verbal password: For temporary users, you may not want to give them your primary verbal password. You can easily set up a secondary verbal password, or change your primary password by calling Customer Care at 800.216.5232

  1. Point out sensors on any doors or windows to build familiarity with points of security, especially ones that will be opened frequently, leading to a higher chance of false alarms
  1. Teach them what happens in the case of an alarm. They can check out this video to learn what will happen and what to do if an alarm is triggered.

And you’re done! These ten simple steps will help to get your new user started without overwhelming them. Once they have these basics mastered, go ahead and show them all the other amazing features of the app, panel, smart thermostat, and your awesome customized holiday light display.

Click below to download this handy checklist for training new users in your smart home.