Wounded vet calls the shots with Vivint Smart Home

Wounded vet calls the shots with Vivint Smart Home

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we are highlighting a veteran and member of the Vivint Smart Home family. Meet Jack Fanning, father, community activist, valued friend, and true inspiration to Vivint Smart Home. Jack joined the Air Force in 1997 and served six tours in Afghanistan and Iraq before joining an elite unit in 2009. During a special ops training course in 2010, Jack parachuted into a blacked-out drop zone and sustained a severe spinal cord injury. Jack was paralyzed from the neck down and is now a C4 incomplete quadriplegic. His injury, however, has not slowed him down.

A self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, Jack had spent his life being physically active and testing his limits, and he wasn’t about to let his injury stop him from living a full and active lifestyle. With the help of amazing friends and family, Jack has continued jumping out of airplanes, scuba diving, hunting and shooting, even controlling his phone and iPad with a special stylus. Jack remains a dedicated father, teaching his son to hunt and shoot, and cheering at all his soccer games.

Despite all of Jack’s efforts to be as independent and active as possible, he was still very limited in his home. He couldn’t answer the door if someone rang the doorbell. His injury made it so his body is unable to control his internal temperature, yet when he was too cold or too hot, he couldn’t adjust the thermostat. He was totally reliant on his caregivers to manage how he functioned in his own home, which he had to leave unlocked at all times for his caregivers to be able to come and go as needed. Not ideal for security, and definitely not an ideal situation for fiercely independent Jack. All of that changed this summer.

When Tim, a Vivint Smart Home Pro, knocked on his door, Jack texted his nephew, Will, who was upstairs and asked him to answer the door. Will just caught Tim at the end of the driveway, and invited him in. After Tim showed Jack all the ways he could control his home through the Vivint Sky app, Jack was sold. He now uses the Vivint Sky App and integrated Amazon Echo to answer the door and adjust the thermostat with a simple tap of the stylus or just his voice. He can create user codes for each of his caregivers, so he doesn’t have to leave his home unsecured, giving him greater peace of mind. For Jack, Vivint’s home automation has brought a life-changing level of freedom, control, and independence not only within his own home, but anywhere he takes his smart phone.

Jack is spreading the word of his reclaimed freedom through BrothersKeepers, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and funds for both community charities and the Wounded Warrior project. Jack and his childhood friends started the charity in 2012 to support Jack and other injured military veterans and their families. Their fundraisers include everything from special dinners, auctions, raffles, and music festivals—anything to involve their community and have a great time doing it! Each year, they organize an extraordinary retreat for wounded veterans and families, building a close-knit community of friends and healing. In their words, “Essentially, we are a group of men with a common bond that we all want to make a difference and believe we can have fun doing it.”

Jack’s story has inspired us at Vivint, and he has become a valued member of the Vivint family. We are honored to have the opportunity to help someone who has done, and continues to do, so much for others.

To learn more about Jack’s organization, visit www.brothers-keepers.org.

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