Tips for new smart home users

Tips for new smart home users

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

If you just got a Vivint Smart Home system, congratulations! Welcome to the Vivint family! We know you are excited to discover the many awesome features of your smart home system, but where do you begin? If you’re not sure, we’re here to help! Here are ten steps to getting started on the basics of your new smart home:

  1. Create a user PIN: You can easily change or add a 4-digit PIN for each member of your home
  2. Understand the difference between “Arming Stay” and “Arming Away”
    1. If you arm your home to “stay,” every sensor will be activated except for interior sensors such as motion detectors—this is so you can move freely around your home
    2. If you arm your home to “away,” every sensor in your home will be activated, including all interior sensors
  3. Practice using your 4-digit PIN at the panel to disarm and arm the system to “Arming Stay” and “Arming Away”
  4. In case of emergency, ensure you and members of your home understand how to activate emergency services
  5. Download the Vivint Sky app from your smart phone store
  6. Practice using the app to:
    1. Arm and disarm the system from the app: Like your panel, you are able to arm to both “Stay” and “Away” from the app
    2. Lock and unlock your smart door locks
  7. Set custom actions in your app, such as set your system to disarm when you enter your 4-digit PIN at your smart door lock
  8. Review any custom actions you have set with all members of your home to ensure they will work for everyone’s routines and habits
  9. Be sure to memorize:
    1. Your 4-digit PIN
    2. The duress code
    3. The verbal passcode
  10. Know what happens in the case of an alarm. Check out this video to learn what will happen and what to do if an alarm is triggered.

While there are many other features and tools your home automation system provides, these ten steps will get you started! Once these basics are mastered, go ahead and discover all the other amazing features of the app, panel, smart thermostat, and even your integrated Amazon Echo. The Vivint support site is there to help as you make your home the smartest in the neighborhood!

Click below to download the New User Training Checklist!