Preventing Porch Piracy

Preventing Porch Piracy

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

There are quite a few things I really enjoy about having the Vivint Doorbell Camera. Having photographic evidence of the doorbell-ditching teenagers in my neighborhood is particularly fun. However, my favorite feature is probably the peace of mind that comes with knowing activity on my porch is being continuously monitored.

Several studies have shown that nearly half of this year’s holiday shopping will be done online. In other words, there will be a whole lot of boxes landing on porches this holiday season. Unfortunately, retail trade groups aren’t the only ones who have noticed this trend. Thieves have also realized that porches are increasingly becoming easy picking grounds for high end merchandise. Packages get dropped off while home owners are at work and sit unprotected for hours at a time. It only takes a few seconds for a would-be thief to run up to the porch and grab whatever packages are sitting there.

Smart home owners are paying attention to these trends and have begun taking steps to protect their deliveries. We had the Vivint Doorbell Camera installed and have loved it. It helps secure our packages in a couple of ways.

First, anytime the doorbell is rung, my wife and I are both notified via the Vivint Sky app. This allows us to quickly jump on our phones and see who is at the door. If a package is being delivered, we know it and can decide how we want to handle the situation.

This is where another layer of security comes into play. We can use the Sky app to talk back to the delivery person through the doorbell. If we aren’t comfortable with them leaving the package on the front porch, we can provide instructions for leaving it in a more secure location, like the garage or the back porch.

Finally, if the worst happens and someone tries to take our packages, at least we know that we’ll have a photograph of anybody who steps onto our porch. The camera activates any time it senses motion so we’ll have a place to start in working with law enforcement to recover any stolen property.

No system is perfect against determined thieves, but we feel much better about our chances of keeping holiday packages safe with the Vivint Doorbell Camera installed.

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