New community center in Tlaxcala

New community center in Tlaxcala

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Tlaxcala, Mexico is home to over 44,000 people with disabilities. Vivint Gives Back partnered with GlobeAware and the community center ITCPD—the Tlaxcala Institute for People with Disabilities to help build an updated center to provide learning and community opportunities to people with disabilities. Vivint Gives Back calls these service projects “impact trips,” a reflection of their mission statement to “make a meaningful impact in the lives of children with intellectual disabilities.” About 150 volunteers partnered ITCPD to update the community center with a brand new structure that houses six classrooms/therapy rooms for children with disabilities.

From cement to wire, Styrofoam to landscaping, the new center was built from the ground up by volunteers who are hoping to make a difference in the lives of children who have been forgotten by many. One 25-year-old boy named Pancho with cerebral palsy helped the volunteers plant landscaping with a huge smile on his face. His diagnosis never held him back as he cracked jokes, sifted dirt to make concrete, shoveled debris, and hustled everyone in a game of soccer. At the end of the day, Rhett Hathaway, a Smart Home Pro, gave him brand new shoes to replace his worn pair, along with a soccer jersey. Pancho hugged Rhett in overwhelming gratitude. Rhett shared this about his experience, “This alone was worth coming on the impact trip to feel how grateful these kids and their families are for our service.”

In addition to the build, volunteers also had the opportunity to work with the children at the center. Konrad Chen, a Beta Testing Manager, expressed how working with the children in the Tlaxcala community was life-changing. “Our impact trip to Mexico was a trip of a lifetime. Giving back and seeing the smiles and happiness on the children’s faces was truly an experience I’ll never forget. Thank you Vivint!”