Keep your energy bill as cool as the weather

Keep your energy bill as cool as the weather

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Can you feel it? The heat of summer slipping away with the chilly breezes. Leaves changing to vibrant shades of red, yellow, and brown. You can almost smell it in the air as it settles in for the coming months. Fall is here.

Right now, the air-conditioning runs less often during the day, but it won’t be long before the blankets on your bed just aren’t quite enough to keep you snug and warm. As those chilly nights approach, just follow these simple steps to adjust the mode on your thermostat from cooling to heating.

  1. Open your Vivint Sky app
  2. Tap the temperature icon in the bottom navigation bar, which will display the current temperature and thermostat settings
  3. Tap the Cool icon in the bottom left of the screen to open mode options for your thermostat
  4. Select “Heat”

And simple as that, your home is ready to keep you warm on those upcoming chilly nights!

If you’re not quite ready to give up your air conditioning entirely, but want the option to run your heat as well, Vivint has got you covered. Simply select “Auto” from your app’s thermostat mode options, and your thermostat is set to automatically switch between heating and cooling based on the temperature of your home.

It can be tricky to find that right balance between conserving energy during the day when you’re not there and having it be the perfect temperature for when you get home, all without putting a hit on your energy bill. Managing the temperature in your home is simple, easy, and cost effective with the use of a smart thermostat, such as Element or Nest.

Smart thermostats work intelligently with your Vivint Smart Home system and can be customized easily to suit your heating and cooling needs and preferences. You can customize your preferred heating and cooling temperatures easily from your SkyControl panel or Vivint Sky app; or adjust your thermostat from the app whenever you want, wherever you are, to ensure that energy is being used when it’s most effective for you and for the comfort of your home and family.

This fall, instead of worrying about your energy bill, you can rest assured that your smart thermostat’s intelligent technology is perfectly blending comfort and energy savings personalized to you!

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