Vivint Gives Back joins up with the Bees for Autism Awareness Night!

Vivint Gives Back joins up with the Bees for Autism Awareness Night!

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

A warm summer night is perfect for ice cream, hot dogs, and baseball; however, many families of children with intellectual disabilities often feel these fun sporting events are too overwhelming for their family. Autism and other intellectual disabilities can create social anxiety in loud places where the children have a hard time processing all the action of the event. This doesn’t mean they do not want to attend; they just need a little extra support. That’s why Vivint Gives Back partnered with the Salt Lake Bees to provide families of children with intellectual disabilities in the community free tickets to a special autism awareness game.

In addition to the 200 tickets given to local families, blue sunglasses (the color for autism) were given away, a quiet-area picnic for the families was held before the game with face painting, the first pitch was made by 10-year-old Kai who loves baseball and has autism, and announcements were made about autism throughout the game. Friends and family were also invited to come to the game and to wear blue in support of the children.

Lara Pratt, mother of four with two boys on the autism spectrum, appreciated the safe and fun environment that Vivint Gives Back had set up for the families:

“It was such a fun and laid back activity for our kids. Being able to go directly to the quiet area where you were serving such fun snacks and doing face painting was so nice. It made the whole event relaxing for parents and so fun for the kids. Max and Jackson have not stopped talking about it! We all had such a great time. Thank you for all that you do for our families and the children that are affected by autism. We love being included in these amazing activities that you do, and we love you guys!”