Win the battle on heating and cooling with the Vivint Sky app!

Win the battle on heating and cooling with the Vivint Sky app!

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

With the Vivint Sky app, you have the control! Remotely adjust your thermostat from work, the road, the couch, anywhere, ensuring your home is just the right temperature for you…or your spouse!


“Why am I so cold?” Suzie curls deeper into the couch cushions with Pride & Prejudice and pulls out her phone to open the Vivint Sky app. “It may be mid-summer, but there’s no reason to catch pneumonia inside!” she says under her breath as she adjusts the temperature to 72 degrees.

“Geez, who let the sun inside?” Phil mutters as he pulls at his collar, tears himself away from the computer and walks down the hall to turn the thermostat down to 68. An audible sigh of relief escapes as the AC kicks in.

A few moments later…

“Seriously! Why’d the AC turn on again?!” Suzie grumbles as she sets her book down and pulls up the app again. The AC kicks off, but Suzie isn’t much farther into her book before Phil is marching down the hall again to adjust the thermostat, his irritation with the AC growing.

Mr. Darcy is just knocking at the door of the little Rosings Park cottage when the AC begins to blow at the pages again. Anxious to read what happens next, Suzie doesn’t even look up as she quickly swipes her finger over the phone screen and the thermostat is back to 72.

Elizabeth is opening Darcy’s letter just as Phil comes storming out of the den. “Suz! I think the thermostat is broken, the AC keeps turning off. Can you…?”

Phil stops and smiles when he sees Suzie smirking in triumph as she waves her phone in the air.

“I win!”


Win the war in your home with the Vivint Sky app! Save energy and money by setting a custom heating or cooling schedule right from the app, so the temperature of your home is exactly where you want, when you want it! No need to cool the house while you’re at work, but with just a simple rule, the AC automatically cools your home perfectly just in time for your arrival.

With the Vivint Sky app, smart home automation is right at your finger-tips!


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