Day of Service: Hoofs 4 Healing

Day of Service: Hoofs 4 Healing

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Horses and the South have a long and beautiful history, from teaming up to plow the land to the family horse-drawn carriage. Vivint Smart Home sales representatives are teaming up with Hoofs for Healing, an equestrian center in Savannah, Georgia, to add therapy to that history.

Hoofs for Healing isn’t just any ordinary equestrian park where you can ride horses and have a good time. Instead, it’s a center focused on equine therapy activities and services for children and adults with special needs. Vivint volunteers had the opportunity to assist the kids visiting the center as they learned to mount and dismount their horses, and enjoyed rides through the pasture. One Vivint volunteer, Macayla Harber, expressed what so many felt that day. “It was an amazing experience to watch the demeanor of the children as they rode the horses and their confidence grew and fear subsided.”

Vivint is committed to helping others wherever we are. “It’s awesome to be a part of a company that puts such an emphasis on charity and giving back,” said Jake Lambson, Vivint sales manager and volunteer. “It’s inspiring to work with such great people that are willing to volunteer and give back to the communities that Vivint serves.”