Alberta fire disaster: Finding relief and hope through service

Alberta fire disaster: Finding relief and hope through service

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

In early May, the Canadian province of Alberta experienced its largest forest fire in history. The northern city of Fort McMurray was hit particularly hard, with 80,000 people forced to evacuate and over 2,000 homes and buildings destroyed. When Vivint Smart Home encouraged all sales representatives to take opportunities to serve in their summer communities, the decision of where the Edmonton representatives were to donate their time was an easy one.

“Many of our sales representatives in Edmonton are from Alberta, so we felt it was definitely our duty to give back to those in Alberta affected by the fire,” volunteer Cheryl Mack said.

Vivint employees partnered with the Edmonton Emergency Relief Society (EERS), which was instrumental in providing evacuees with essential items. Volunteers helped sort and distribute donations to “hundreds of people…looking for basic human essentials,” said Mack. “We felt so much compassion for the Fort McMurray evacuees, but were also warmed by their hopeful spirits.”

Vivint sales representative Mike Leavitt had moved to Fort McMurray to sell for Vivint just weeks before the fire. Leavitt describes the experience of seeing the fire come closer and closer and eventually having to evacuate as something he will never forget. “We had to pack up everything we owned in 30 minutes…Being an evacuee myself from Fort McMurray, it was awesome to be able to help out families that lost everything. It felt good to make some jokes and see some smiles, too. Helping the Fort Mac evacuees was exactly where I needed to be this year.”

Vivint sales representatives want their local communities in Alberta to know that they are always willing to help when there is a need. Joel Holmes expressed, “To know that we made even a little bit of a positive impact in the day or life of our fellow Albertans is something I’d happily do again.”