A Vivint Smart Home Riddle

A Vivint Smart Home Riddle

Written By

The Vivint Smart Home Team

What is?

Smaller than a finger, yet protects like a giant.

Has no voice, but sings when anyone enters or leaves.

Like a ninja, always watching, but rarely seen.

Vivint Smart Home’s recessed door sensor! Vivint works hard to make your home smarter and safer every day, and products like this small sensor hidden in your door or window frame help us to do that. The recessed door sensor fits smoothly and invisibly in your door or window to let you know when anyone is entering or leaving your home. It’s simple to choose from a variety of chimes that will notify you immediately when your toddler (or teenager!) escapes out the door to play, your partner gets home, or an intruder breaks-in.

To learn more about your Vivint recessed door sensor, visit support.vivint.com.