A smart home for my smart pet

A smart home for my smart pet

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

This is my puppy Sterling and it’s impossible not to love his sweet personality, even for my husband, who is allergic to dogs. So it was a no-brainer that when we got married a few months ago, he came as part of the package. My puppy and my husband have made the adjustment to our new family status almost seamlessly; however, Sterling and our Vivint Smart Home system required some unexpected changes to make the adjustment.

We love the sense of security our system gives us, particularly since my husband had already set up rules and a schedule, so we didn’t even have to think about it. That is until Sterling. The currently programmed rule for arming our home while at work didn’t anticipate him randomly racing through the house after his ball, setting off the motion detector. My phone immediately alerted me at work, so I watched the live video stream as he hid under the piano. Then my husband and I had a turn being startled when Sterling taught himself to open the back door when he wanted to play in the yard, triggering the door sensor. As our hearts raced just a little faster, we realized that we would have to rethink a few things to account for the presence of my energetic puppy.

After a few more “reminders” to keep the back door locked, and just a couple false alarms, our Vivint Smart Home system and Sterling have finally made the adjustment. Now, simple things like arming our system to “Stay” instead of “Away” and a custom rule to lock our back door allow Sterling to freely romp through the house with his toys all day long, while keeping him and our home safe and secure.

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