Vivint Yard Sign

Vivint Yard Sign

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Vivint Smart Home uses advanced technology to simplify your life and keep your home and family protected. However, it may surprise you that your first line of defense from a potential home intruder is not the latest device in the home security industry—it’s actually your Vivint yard sign. Just by keeping your yard sign in plain sight, your home is less likely to be broken into. Check out these helpful tips before you place your yard sign: 

  1. Keep it seen.

Make sure your sign isn’t hidden by a shrubbery, a rock, or a tree. Before placing your sign, check around the area and see if there are any plants that could potentially overgrow and cover your yard sign. Ideally, the sign should be easily seen by people driving by. Often burglars will drive by an area multiple times before attempting to break-in.

  1. Keep it in place.

Hammer your yard sign half way into the ground to prevent it from blowing over by the wind. Look for areas where your yard sign can stay permanently. If you have to remove your yard sign in order to mow or trim your lawn, find another spot where it can stay for good.

  1. Keep it lit.

Your Vivint yard sign includes a solar light so that it can be seen day or night. Over time, hard water stains can build up and dim the light. Clean the stains by pouring a small amount of white vinegar on a towel to wipe the light clean.