“Alexa, ask Vivint to lock my front door”

“Alexa, ask Vivint to lock my front door”

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

“I’m huuungry, what’s for dinner?” The evening whine is right on schedule, but you’re not. It’s already past 6 o’clock and the grocery bags are piled on the counter. As you break open the ground beef to throw together tacos, the Vivint Sky app buzzes your phone letting you know that you left the garage door open. Meat-covered hands, hungry kids, hot stove…but you handle the situation like a boss. “Alexa, ask Vivint to close my garage door.” And as simple as that, your house is secure and dinner preparations continue.

Vivint Smart Home and Amazon Echo have teamed up to help you control your smart home with your voice and a few simple commands! No longer is your Echo only a great music player and convenient place to keep your shopping list. When you connect Echo to your Vivint Smart Home system, you are able to control features such as connected locks, lights, and thermostats by simply saying, “Alexa, ask Vivint to…” and any of the following phrases:

  • Turn on my lights
  • Dim my lights
  • Lock my front door
  • Arm my security system “stay”
  • Arm my security system “away”
  • Set my heat to ___ degrees
  • Set my AC to ___ degrees
  • Close my garage door

Now when your hands are busy and full, or your phone is in the other room, you can still command your home without having to stop your life. While we may not be able to control the nightly “I’m hungry” chorus, Vivint Smart Home and Echo are working together to help make controlling your home simpler and smarter.

To learn more about linking Amazon Echo to your Vivint Sky system, visit support.vivint.com.