Holiday False Alarm Prevention Tips

Holiday False Alarm Prevention Tips

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

The holidays are upon us, and while this time of the year can be a joyous occasion, it can also become stressful at times. Entertaining, shopping, traveling—it can quickly feel like there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it. One thing you shouldn’t worry about this holiday season is a false alarm with your Vivint Smart Home system. Keep the holiday stress at a minimum this year by using these holiday false alarm prevention tips.

Holiday Visitors: Having guests staying at your home this holiday season? Make sure they know your passcode in case an alarm is triggered. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your passcode, no problem! Please Contact us to create a secondary passcode for your holiday guests. You can also add additional users to access your Vivint Smart Home system. This will allow your guests to have their own unique PIN number for your system. Not sure how to add users? Click here for SkyControl, and here for Go!Control.

Holiday Decorations: Decorations that sway or move due to the air current may cause your motion detector to trigger an alarm. Decorations with reflective surfaces also have the potential to set off your alarm system. Double check to see if any holiday decorations are in the field of vision of your motion detector.

Holiday Cooking: Too much smoke from your holiday smoked ham? Make sure to open the windows and turn on any fans you may have in your house to clear the smoke. If your smoke detector is triggered, a friendly Vivint Smart Home monitoring professional will contact you to check on the situation.

Low Sensor Batteries: Cold weather can cause the batteries in your sensors to deplete quicker than normal. Need help changing the batteries? Try our simple online tutorials to guide you through the process.

Season greetings from Vivint Smart Home!