Keeping Cooper Safe

Keeping Cooper Safe

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

I’ve often heard our customers say how much they love using Vivint technology to take care of their pets. I didn’t fully appreciate how helpful my own system would be until my family adopted our puppy, Cooper, last year.

Cooper is a Maltipoo – friendly, loyal and affectionate. But there is one thing Cooper is most definitely not: built for the great outdoors. Maltipoos are inside dogs and can’t handle outdoor conditions for very long. Our Cooper doesn’t know (or care) about this fact and continually makes a heroic run for any open door.

It’s heartbreaking when I hear of curious animals like Cooper wandering out of the house without their owners’ knowledge. While many of these pets are taken to shelters, a tragically high number of them – some estimate nearly 6 million in the US alone – are hit by cars.

I know how dangerous it would be for Cooper to get out of the house, as well as how devastated my family would be if something bad happened to him. Luckily, our Vivint system alerts us anytime a door or window is opened, giving us valuable time to head off any playful yet potentially harmful escape attempts.

My family can also keep tabs on Cooper with our smartphones while we’re away from home. We get a kick out of using our Vivint cameras to watch Cooper when he has the house all to himself, and we try to find creative ways to keep him entertained when he’s alone.

Cooper has become like another member of our family. My youngest child even calls him her “little brother.” I’m grateful my Vivint system helps keep my entire family – both the two and four-legged members – safe and secure.