Caring for Michael

Caring for Michael

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Michael, an 11-year old who has autism, is blind, uses a feeding tube, is confined to a wheelchair most of the time and is nonverbal, is incredibly challenging to say the least. Day in and day out Michael’s single mother takes care of Michael and his siblings as well. When Vivint heard about Michael’s situation and his mother’s selfless sacrifices, we wanted to help.

The Vivint Gives Back Foundation performed a home makeover for Michael and his family designed to not only make it easier to care for Michael, but to bring joy to the family as well. Vivint volunteers first focused on Michael’s room where they added sensory equipment such as a swing, musical instruments, blocks with brail and other items to help Michael explore his environment, learn, and relax. The room makeover also included a new closet and Michael’s first bed.

The home renovation also included making improvements to Michael’s bathroom, such as a removable showerhead, that will allow Michael’s mother to more easily and safely bathe Michael. And for the family, Vivint volunteers added a movie room to their basement equipped with a popcorn maker in

Vivint Gives Back has been lucky to know the Pratt family for the last few years. Their sons Max, age 8 and Jackson, age 6 are two lively little boys who love football. On September 12th, Max and Jackson had the opportunity to accept the game ball on behalf of Vivint for the first BYU home game of the 2015-2016 season! Not only did they get to accept the ball with BYU basketball coach Dave Rose, but also with our CEO Todd Pedersen. Both Max and Jackson are on the autism spectrum, so standing in a large stadium filled with cheering fans can be overwhelming. However, over the last two years, Max and Jackson have been able to utilize sensory therapy equipment that Vivint Gives Back installed in their home to enable them to cope with sensory overloads. Vivint Gives Back is thrilled to help Max and Jackson’s dreams become realities, along with thousands of other children in North America.