A Fresh Coat of Paint in Kentucky

A Fresh Coat of Paint in Kentucky

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

For 65 years the Pitt Academy in Louisville, Kentucky has been providing an innovative learning experience for children with intellectual and learning disabilities. The academy recently moved into a new building and needed to paint the school in preparation for the new school year and Vivint summer sales reps in the area were happy to help.

Due to the sensory issues that many of the academy’s students experience, it was essential to paint the classrooms in neutral colors before classes recommenced in the fall. Vivint volunteers arrived early in the morning and got right to work taping and prepping the walls for paint. When they were done, the Vivint volunteers had painted four rooms, a hallway and washed the windows. The volunteers were grateful for the opportunity to help the academy prepare for a new school year that will help many children reach their potential.

“Karen (a school employee) was almost in tears with how elated she was that she didn’t have to accomplish the huge painting job all by herself. She kept walking around thanking everyone and telling us how she couldn’t have done it without us,” Vivint volunteer Laurel said.