Smarter Home Security Monitoring

Smarter Home Security Monitoring

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Vivint is committed to providing our more than 1,000,000 customers the best 24x7x365 security monitoring from two in-house monitoring centers. Vivint’s intelligent monitoring operations keep your life simple and provide additional security when you need it. Learn what happens behind the scenes during alarms so Vivint can help you live intelligently, and safely.

Cancel Signal

  • A cancel signal is an alert Vivint’s monitoring station receives when a user has turned off the alarm system after the siren goes off.
  • This can be done by disarming the system
    1. At the panel with your four-digit user code
    2. Through either the Vivint Sky or Vivint Classic app on your smartphone or tablet
    3. By logging into your Online Account on your computer
    4. By pushing the unlock button on the keyfob
  • Your verbal passcode is not required if a cancel signal is received for a burglar alarm.
  • You can cancel a burglar alarm five seconds after the siren is triggered and Vivint ‘s monitoring station will take no action.

If you accidentally set off a burglar alarm but were able to turn it off quickly, that’s okay! With a cancel signal alert, the operator will be able to see that the alarm was turned off shortly after the siren was activated and will not need to verify your verbal passcode for a burglar alarm. If Vivint receives a cancel signal five seconds after a burglar alarm was triggered, Vivint will not call you to verify the alarm. If you prefer to have your verbal passcode verified every time the siren is triggered or to be contacted even if you cancel a burglar alarm within five seconds, you got it! Speak with our helpful monitoring station at 800.216.5232 to have special alarm response instructions made on your account.

Duress Alarm

  • A duress alarm is a silent alarm that alerts Vivint’s monitoring center to dispatch your local authorities without verification.
  • This can be done by entering a specific four-digit duress code on the panel.
  • To keep you and your loved ones safe, Vivint’s monitoring station will wait 30 minutes after the authorities have been dispatched before contacting you and your emergency contacts.

With the duress code, you can alert Vivint to dispatch your local authorities without letting the intruder know you are calling for help. When the duress code is entered at the panel, the alarm will disarm and the system will connect with a Vivint monitoring operator. With the panel’s built-in microphone, the operator will listen silently for any suspicious activity. If suspicious activity is heard, the operator will stay on the line and have another monitoring agent dispatch the authorities. If no activity is heard for 30 seconds, the operator will immediately send your local authorities.

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