Dogs for Autism

Dogs for Autism

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Vivint is well known for its commitment to enhancing the lives of children with intellectual disabilities through home and school improvement projects and innovative home automation products. With this focus in mind, Vivint employees in Greenville, South Carolina recently found a different and unique way to give back to those with autism.

Vivint volunteers partnered with Dogs for Autism, an organization that trains dogs to assist children with autism in a number of ways. The trained dogs can give the children more independence in public, locate the child in our outside the home, and alert the child or parent of dangerous situations.

As their needs continue to grow, the facility was in the need of an update. Vivint volunteers were happy to help with the renovations. According to volunteer Jen Huntsman, the Vivint employees painted the archway at the entrance to the facility as well as many of the facility’s fences. Volunteers were then able to see how some of the dogs are trained and were impressed with the important work being done by the organization.

“We have had a pretty big variety of volunteer work crews here over the years, and I have no reservations in saying your group was way up right at the peak of the most effective ever. They were motivated and focused and blew through the whole project in less time than I would have believed possible,” program co-founder Julie Nye Program said.