Vivint volunteers emerge as leaders in Alberta community

Vivint volunteers emerge as leaders in Alberta community

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Vivint employees pride themselves on being good salesmen, but more importantly, good citizens. At Vivint, we are passionate about making a positive difference in our communities – wherever we are.

In Lethbridge, Alberta, 40 Vivint volunteers recently volunteered at the Nicholas Sheran Community School. With the efforts of so many Vivint employees, a large number of projects were accomplished at the school that otherwise would have been left undone. “We were so grateful to have all those many hours of service accomplished,” teacher Nadia Britton said.

Volunteers renovated flower beds in front of the school that had been neglected for the past six years, cleaned up the gym storage and teacher storage areas, and helped prepare the hot lunch for distribution. The Vivint volunteers also painted the lip around the playground area to keep a student in a power wheelchair safe, and worked with kindergarten and 4th grade students on basic lessons and homework.

The hours spent at the school made a big difference in the lives of Nicholas Sheran’s students and teachers and in the lives of the volunteers as well. “It was a very rewarding experience,” volunteer Marcedys Sommer said. “Giving back in our community is something we always look forward to”

The Vivint employees in Lethbridge look forward to living up to their charitable reputations and continuing to give back in their community. “We are so grateful for the time and effort of the Vivint volunteers. All of the volunteers were so energetic and eager. They are leaders in the community,” Britton said.