Vivint Gives Back Mission

Vivint Gives Back Mission

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Vivint Gives Back is the charity foundation set up through Vivint who works directly with families who have kids with intellectual disabilities. Vivint Gives Back strives to enhance each customer’s home and family life through simple, intelligent products and services, delivered by people who care.

With a focus on these families, Vivint Gives Back offers discounted pricing on home security systems, installs sensory rooms in homes and schools throughout North America and develops new technologies to solve day-to-day difficulties our families face. The team at Vivint Gives back is dedicated to protecting your home and simplifying your life.

Recently, Vivint Gives Back installed a security system for a family in Atlanta, GA who were struggling keeping their autistic son from escaping the house! Jennifer and Ryan Hurley did everything they could to keep Jackson, their son, from leaving the house unattended and always trying to do their best to have an eye on him.

“It’s nearly impossible to have eye balls everywhere in the house and know what Jackson is doing,” Jennifer said. “Now with our Vivint system and the camera’s they installed, I’ll be able to have more comfort knowing I can keep a close watch on him and be alerted when he tries to leave. I don’t know how I’ve lived without this for so long.”

Having the Vivint system in their homes, parents have noticed a difference in the behavior of their child and have seen an increased level of relief come into their lives. Parents aren’t able to know everything going on in the house at one time; with Vivint, now you can.

Our impact within Vivint Gives Back is felt in every aspect of what we do. From helping increase a child’s motor skills with sensory rooms to keeping track of your kid at all times with a Vivint security system, Vivint Gives Back is here to help.

We encourage you to check out our website to learn more about what we offer and see if we’re able to help you and your family.