app highlights – things we love to do with the vivint mobile app

app highlights – things we love to do with the vivint mobile app

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

there are so many reasons to love the vivint mobile app and it might even be the best aspect of our entire home automation system– it’s definitely what i use the most! the mobile app takes all of the features that make a vivint home automation system so great and allows them to be accessible at my fingertips at any time. oh, technology and modern life! the mobile app allows us to view and check on our home at any time (through a live video feed), monitor exterior doors and locks, check the status of motion detectors, and automate many tedious tasks, such as managing a thermostat.

with the vivint mobile app, we can look at the live video feed of our video camera to check on our puppy at any time during the workday or whenever we leave him. with a young puppy, it’s been so reassuring and helped tremendously with training. even more, since the video camera is portable, we move it around all the time and love being able to plug it in anywhere in the house as our needs change– like if we go out of town.

with the vivint mobile app, we can make sure the doors are locked or use the electronic door lock to unlock the door and let a neighbor or dog walker in the house– all remotely while at work! i don’t want to have to guess if i left the side door is unlocked, i can check (the mobile app on my phone) at any time and know that it is locked, without a doubt.

with the vivint mobile app, we can arm or disarm our system as well as view the status of any motion detectors that may have been activated. this can all be done from anywhere, even after leaving the house. sometimes i check to see if my husband has gotten home from work and if he left to take the dog for a walk, which is surprisingly helpful.

we can also adjust the smart thermostat of our home from anywhere. if we go out of town we can turn the smart thermostat off after leaving and turn it back on while on the way home so the house is just the right temperature when we return.

i don’t know what we would do without the vivint mobile app (and a vivint home automation system). it makes our lives easier in ways we didn’t even know were possible.